Nintendo remind you not to share 3DS Friend Codes on Miiverse


With Miiverse having at long last become available for 3DS last week, Nintendo have been quick to remind those using the service not to share their Friend Codes.

This continues the company’s efforts for it to remain a safe place for players of all ages, with users still allowed to share Mario Kart 7 community codes and Animal Crossing dream addresses.

Nintendo’s Marty begins, “Since 10th December, it’s been possible to access Miiverse from Nintendo 3DS systems, so I’d like to remind you about these two important rules:
– Do not post your own Nintendo 3DS system’s friend code to Miiverse
– Do not ask people who you do not know to tell you their friend codes

“Becoming friends with strangers may lead to trouble. These rules are designed to help you avoid such trouble, so please make sure that you follow them.

“I’d also like to take the opportunity to remind you that the rules for Miiverse are not limited to the exchange of friend codes. Repeated violations of the Miiverse Code of Conduct may lead to restrictions on your Nintendo Network ID, such as your ability to post to Miiverse or your use of some other services.

“To make Miiverse a happy and fun place for everyone, we ask that you read the Miiverse Code of Conduct thoroughly and follow the rules it explains. On the Wii U, you can find the Miiverse Code of Conduct under the Settings/Other option in the User Menu, and on Nintendo 3DS you can find it in the User Menu.

“Don’t worry though, you can continue to post Mario Kart 7 community codes and Animal Crossing dream addresses as you have been oding already. We hope that you have fun using Miiverse safely!”

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