Nintendo remains in profit after sales revenue uptick


Nintendo has today shared their second quarter earnings release, revealing the company’s financial performance for the six months ending 30th September 2015.

That has seen net sales revenue increase to 204 billion yen, compared to 171 billion yen the previous year. However, overall profits saw a decline to 11.46 billion yen which fell from 14.3 billion the prior year.

With The Legend of Zelda Wii U and Star Fox Zero suffering delays, Nintendo’s other first-party titles have sold consistently well. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has surpassed 2 million copies worldwide, whereas Splatoon and Super Mario Maker account for 2.42 million and 1.88 million copies respectively.

Nintendo has shifted 1.19 million Wii U systems over the past six months, with software selling 12.37 million copies. Whereas Nintendo 3DS hardware saw 2.28 million systems sold, with software sales reaching 19.20 million copies.

The company’s efforts to grow their digital revenue continues to be a success, with digital download revenues reaching more than 21 billion yen – more than doubling the previous year.

amiibo have been a success too, maintaining “strong momentum” that has led to “robust sales” in surpassing more than 21 million amiibo sold worldwide.

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