Nintendo release Animal Crossing 3DS developer roundtable video

animal crossing

Nintendo have released a new video through the Japanese Nintendo Channel, that features the development team of the forthcoming Animal Crossing instalment for Nintendo 3DS.

The team – which consists of Katsuya Eguchi (Producer), Aya Kyogoku (Director), Kazumi Totaka (Sound Director) and Koji Takahashi (Design Lead) – discuss players comments regarding previous entries, to then reveal how these are being expanded upon within the Nintendo 3DS title.

Within the game, the player will become the village mayor and will find themselves tasked with developing your village, or not, if you prefer not to. New characters will also feature, with the player having a secretary called Shizu to support your mayor duties!

You’ll be able to place beaches and lamps within your village, which features a larger beach than that previously and there’s also a shopping mall across the railroad track.

StreetPass will also allow you to exchange house designs with other players, with those that you receive appearing as Model Homes towards the edge of your village.

Totaka-san rounds the session off by playing a new piece of music from the game. You can view the ten-minute video below:

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