Nintendo provide update on Pokémon Bank’s delay


Postponed after the outages that hit Nintendo Network in late December, Pokémon Bank continues to remain in unknown limbo.

This week has signalled hope that it will arrive shortly, with Nintendo UK confirming that the service, as well as Poké Transporter, has “resumed operation” across Asian territories. The company will monitor the service’s stability, and once happy with performance will move toward an anticipated western release.

“Hi Pokémon fans, sorry it’s taken until now before we could give you an update on Pokémon Bank,” Nintendo UK shared on Twitter. “Pokémon Bank & Poké Transporter services have now resumed operation in various Asian territories incl. Japan.

“We’ll be closely monitoring players’ experiences as we prepare for the European release. Once again we want to apologise for the delay, and thank you for your patience and your interest.”

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