Nintendo prototyping transformable Arwing amiibo for Star Fox Zero


Star Fox Zero will receive amiibo support, although Nintendo aren’t ready to share too many details as to how it will impact the space shooter.

“You saw a Falco amiibo during the [Super Smash Bros.] presentation, and that will be out by the time Star Fox comes out,” Shigeru Miyamoto shared with IGN. “If you use those amiibo, you’ll get an in-game present.”

As to whether Star Fox Zero could be treated to its own amiibo series, Miyamoto revealed that they had been prototyping a transformable Arwing amiibo.

He continued, “We’re creating lots of different types of prototypes of Arwing amiibo, but we’re not sure when it will be ready to be announced for sale.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the amiibo shortage situation, even with the back orders and repeat orders. We kind of have our hands full. Earlier, we talked about how the 3D model of the Arwing will actually transform [into a two-legged Walker] in the game.

“We have an actual model and we’re thinking how much it would actually cost to make when it’s transformable Can we actually do that? We’re thinking about a lot of different things right now.”

Star Fox Zero will launch exclusively for Wii U in Q4 2015.

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