Nintendo Place Increasing Importance On Nurturing Next Generation Talent

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With 2017 set to be such a pivotal year for the company, Nintendo continues to look toward the future.

That has seen the company place an increased importance on nurturing their younger developers, which, as game creation requires an ever demanding resource, has seen Nintendo want to strengthen the teams that will carry the company’s history forward.

If they simply hired more staff, Nintendo worries that they will be unable to ensure that they have “a deep understanding” of the unique elements that the company’s DNA has been built upon.

“Software and service sales are becoming increasingly crucial to overall sales, and this encourages greater expenditures on personnel. However, if we were to attempt to take everything on ourselves, we would have to increase our staff dramatically, and that would mean that we could not nurture those resources sufficiently,” Shigeru Miyamoto warned at the Corporate Management Policy Briefing. “This is one of our greatest challenges. That is why we are working on development with a number of external partners.

“Employees in their 30s are the main part of the next generation, and as more of these employees become able to take on management roles, we will be able to strengthen our development talent. However, we constantly face the dilemma that simply hiring new people may increase the number of people who donʼt have a deep understanding of Nintendoʼs DNA.

“I have shared with Mr. Takahashi that although it takes four times as many people to create the products now, if we simply hire four times as many people we wonʼt have sufficient opportunities to nurture them. We are considering a number of approaches to this challenge, so please look forward to more information in the future.”

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on Friday 3rd March, priced at £279.99 ($299.99).

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