Nintendo parody Kickstarter with “Crowdfarter”


Nintendo have launched their own crowd-funding initiative, a unique twist on the largely well-known Kickstarter site.

Crowdfarter is the result, and acts more as a marketing attempt from Nintendo of America to promote Wii U exclusive Game & Wario.

“It’s me, Wario, charming leader of WarioWare, Inc, and creator of the best Wii U game ever!” Nintendo’s antagonist introduces.

“Game & Wario is an action-platform-sketching-puzzle-shooting-design-rhythm-sports game, and it is so amazing that I want to share it with the world! THE WORLD, I SAY! WAHAHAHAHA!” Indeed.

Sharing the page through Facebook or Twitter promises to see users rewarded with a digital badge, wallpaper, ringtone, and, if 100 katillion coins are earned, a new trailer for the game.

Game & Wario releases on June 23rd across North America, and June 28th in Europe.

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