Nintendo open to the idea of free-to-play Animal Crossing


Nintendo may be taking their first steps into the fre-to-play arena with Steel Diver but their may come a time when Animal Crossing could too be considered, according to lead designer Katsuya Eguchi.

“I think the main thing that we need to think about before even considering doing something like that is to determine what we’re going to make available from the beginning,” Eguchi explained to VentureBeat.

“I think that’s key in deciding whether we do something like that. If I find a business model that works, however — that works for Nintendo and the end-user — then I can’t say that [free-to-play] is something we wouldn’t consider.”

He continues, “When you look at our main audience in Japan, they are definitely that audience that has smartphones. [They are] women in their late teens and early 20s. They are certainly playing free-to-play games on their smartphone.”

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