Nintendo Official UK Store serves up Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash pre-order bonus


With Star Fox Zero delayed into 2016, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash remains the lone Wii U exclusive to see release in Europe on November 20th.

Therefore the Nintendo Official UK Store have made their move to help sway you toward purchase, serving up their own unique pre-order bonus. That will see those that order through the retailer able to secure themselves a free Mario soft toy and a Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash tennis ball.

We haven’t learnt any more about the Mushroom Kingdom’s next sporting challenge since E3 2015, but players will be able to take each other on in on-on-one single and two-vs-two doubles matches whether that be against family, friends or the computer. Notable additions revealed so far include Jump Shots to hit balls flying overhead, and Giant Mushrooms that will enlarge your character once gobbled.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will release exclusively for Wii U in Europe on November 20th.

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