Nintendo offers glimpse into Wii U’s online future with Miiverse


Nintendo has shown off a glimpse of the interface and online functionality that gamers can expect from the Wii U.

A concept video aired during its Nintendo Direct conference showed a player using the Game Pad to communicate with friends using a message board style feature where players will be able to share tips and advice.

Iwata added that these messages can be typed on the touch screen or written by hand much like those seen in the 3DS’s Letterbox feature and can also include screenshots of captured gameplay.

The player was also prompted to post his mood on losing a boss fight by picking from a variety of faces. As shown in previous demonstrations, the Wii U could be used as a camera for video chat.

Iwata also introduced a Mii-based social network called Miiverse.

When the Wii U is booted up, the Miiverse hub is the first thing they will see described by Iwata as “a place where Miis from around the world can meet and connect”.

A screenshot showed a number of game icons with crowds of Miis gathering beneath them. This will show you which games your friends and other gamers are playing as well as message exchanges in real-time.

User-generated content can also be shared via the Miiverse.

The service will be integrated into all Wii U games showing an example in an unnamed Mario platformer (likely to be a new build of last year’s New Super Mario Bros Wii U) in which when a player lost a life, hints from their friends were shown in the loading screens.


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