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Nintendo of Korea today find themselves among a social media row over a misplaced tweet was sent from their account, Kotaku reports.

Earlier, someone had posted a comment regarding a photo of South Korean TV personality Eun-Ji Park, insinuating she’d carved her career path through support of a “sponsor,” similar to the English slang “sugar daddy.”

The tweet reportedly read: “She should have just stayed as a TV Meteorologist. Getting all the work done on her face like that. How come a brainless b***h like you gets the entire spotlight? Who is your sponsor? TV…sigh…”

Whilst the message has since been deleted the news is now spreading across Korean news sites, with speculation that whichever employee handles Nintendo of Korea’s Twitter account muddling it with their own.

In response Nintendo of Korea are pleading ignorance, saying that the source of the message wasn’t from any of their employees:

“We’ve determined no employee has posted such comment on our Twitter account,” they explained to Naver.

“We’d like to know how this ended up on our Twitter. This matter is frustrating.”

Alex Seedhouse

Alex Seedhouse

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