Nintendo of Europe extend Club Nintendo support to third-party publishers

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Nintendo of Europe have announced that they are to extend their Club Nintendo support to third-party publishers, meaning that you will now be able to register Nintendo 3DS games to gain 250 Stars to be spent within the Stars Catalogue.

However it is important to note that participation within the Club Nintendo programme is decided by individual publishers, although I am sure that the majority will get on-board. You can read a full list of participating titles here, which incorporates all of the Nintendo 3DS launch window software.

Further to this, Nintendo of Europe also unveiled that the first 3,000 people to register their new Nintendo 3DS hardware with Club Nintendo will receive an individually numbered collector’s item T-Shirt, as well as the 750 Stars that you will get for registering the handheld.

Stock is strictly limited to 3,000 T-Shirts, so make sure you’re quick!

The Nintendo 3DS is due to launch across Europe on March 25th, with a North American release on March 27th.

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  1. Talk about short supply! First thing I’ll do (but I’m in the US) is register my 3DS right as I get home. Heck, if I’m that impatient I’ll just do it from the store (they have wifi). 😀

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