Nintendo of Europe announce launch weekend sales figures for Nintendo 3DS, Wii and DS surpassed

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Nintendo of Europe has at last confirmed sales figures for the launch of the anticipated Nintendo 3DS handheld system, revealing that it managed to achieve sales of 113,000 units within the UK alone across launch weekend, with such figures surpassing those previously set by the release of the Wii and DS.

In comparison, back in 2005 the Nintendo DS managed a sales figure of an approximate 87,000 units from its opening weekend, whereas the Wii managed to achieve 105,000 units.

Such news means that it is the fastest-selling Nintendo console within the UK, and success is further heightened by an overall sales figure of 303,000 units across the entirey of Europe for launch weekend.

“Nintendo 3DS allows people to experience, for the first time, 3D technology on the move and at home, with fun and surprises for all to enjoy,” comments Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe’s Managing Director of Marketing & PR. “With the built-in pick-up-and-play Face Raiders game and StreetPass feature adding new dimensions to the already diverse line-up of launch titles, Nintendo 3DS has struck a chord with gamers old and new.”

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