Nintendo of America reportedly won’t publish Devil’s Third


News has broken today that Nintendo of America reportedly won’t be publishing Devil’s Third, which can presumably be seen as the reason behind the Wii U exclusive’s absence at E3 2015.

Unseen 64 share that sources at the company had remarked: “Nintendo of America has lost faith in it. We could end up with a Disaster [Day of Crisis] situation on our hands.”

Monolift Soft’s Wii exclusive action-adventure saw players survive through multiple natural disasters, but the game’s North American release was eventually cancelled. The reasoning behind that decision was that Nintendo of America weren’t particularly keen on the game, with president Reggie Fils-Aime later remarking that the voice acting and script were “laughable.”

In backing Unseen 64’s video, I had heard ahead of E3 2015 that XSEED Games were in talks to publish Devil’s Third in North America. However, expecting it to either be announced in the Nintendo Digital Event or that week, I chose to hold off until an official announcement rather than spin the rumour mill.

Whatever stage that arrangement is at is outside my knowledge, but rest assured that Devil’s Third still looks likely for a North American release.

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