Nintendo of America have voiced the opportunity for a dedicated amiibo game


With the number of amiibo figures expanding throughout the year and with amiibo cards to shortly become a new addition to the line-up, Nintendo of America have communicated the opportunity that they see for “a dedicated amiibo-centric game.”

Such comments came from NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime, who explained that they shared their thoughts whenever they visited Nintndo’s development teams in Japan. And while they have nothing to announce, he’s “certain” that it’s being considered although would need a “unique Nintendo spin” on gameplay.

“I’ve got nothing to announce today in that space,” Fils-Aime admitted to GameSpot. “But I’ll tell you the Treehouse team, myself, we visit Japan very frequently, and all of us share our wishes with the development team of what we’d love to see.”

He continued, “It’s not saying anything out of school to say that we’ve communicated that we think there’s a strong opportunity for a dedicated amiibo-centric game where it’s all about the magic that happens with amiibo.

“And so I’m certain that the developers are thinking about it, and thinking about what’s the unique Nintendo spin that would come in that type of gameplay.”

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