Nintendo Of America Confirmed As An E3 2016 Exhibitor

nintendo e3 2012 wii u

E3 2016 is mere months away, and, with Nintendo NX still yet to be unveiled, it is surely set to be an exciting one.

That said, there has been some unexpected news surrounding the annual games industry trade show, in that Activision, EA, Disney and Wargaming have decided against securing their own floorspace for a booth at the show.

We can at least take comfort in that the Entertainment Software Association has now listed Nintendo of America in their list of participating companies that are exhibiting at the event.

That doesn’t entirely come as a surprise, given that they have their “dedicated game platform” waiting in the wings, but it’s nice to at least have confirmation.

Now we wait to see whether they will hold a press conference, as late president Satoru Iwata once indicated was a format that they would return to when they have hardware to discuss.

[Thanks My Nintendo News]
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