Nintendo NX Will Target Casual And Hardcore Audiences

nintendo shinya takahashi

Nintendo NX will be a continuation of the company’s blue ocean strategy, in looking to expand the gaming population by targeting casual and hardcore gamers alike.

That’s according to entertainment planning and development division general manager Shinya Takahashi, who, with Tokyo Game Show 2016 fast approaching, sat down for an interview with Nikkei Trendy.

One question that he was asked referred to how the interviewer had heard that Nintendo had aimed for the Wii to be in family living rooms, and therefore be a console that parents – specifically mums – wouldn’t hate. Nikkei Today wondered if there were the same ambitions with Nintendo NX.

“I can’t talk about this in detail yet, but we are aiming so that neither people who like games nor mums dislike it,” Takahashi explained. “I think that I want to release a game device that both customers who have much experience in gaming and customers who haven’t played much can enjoy greatly.”

Later in the interview, Nikkei Trendy raised a point that software droughts had hampered the Wii U’s potential for success even early on. The Japanese publication asked whether Nintendo NX will avoid this, perhaps by expanding their development teams.

“We are paying attention to that. Having said that, it isn’t about drastically increasing the amount of development staff,” Takahashi responded. “To be specific, software development teams and teams that create the development environment are thinking about the NX lineup together.

“For example, a software development team may have a request ‘if we had this library, then development would progress quickly.’ Teams creating the development environment respond to that by considering ‘if we prepare an environment like this, then development will go smoothly,’ and they actually discuss with development teams and hear their opinions and prioritise those things.

“We have built a stronger cooperative relationship compared to what is was before and are making efforts so that software can be developed smoothly.”

Tokyo Game Show 2016 will take place between Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th September at Japan’s Makuhari Messe.

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