Nintendo NX Still Hasn’t Started Production

nintendo tatsumi kimishima

It may still be uncertain as to precisely when the veil of secrecy that envelops Nintendo NX will be lifted, but the company has touched on their “dedicated game platform” again this week.

At the 76th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, a shareholder shared concern about how Nintendo will keep their manufacturing costs low in response to price increased in China as well as wider shifts toward robotic assembly.

It was senior executive officer and general manager of Nintendo’s manufacturing division Hirokazu Shinshi that stepped in to answer, who, as part of his response, revealed that Nintendo NX is still being prepared for production.

“I’m in charge of manufacturing. Labour costs have shot up in the last 10 years in China and across ASEAN nations,” Shinshi shared with investors (translated by Cheesemeister). “Manufacturing automation has long been practised in Japan, and is now done in China.

“While making the same product for a long time, the amount manufactured changes based on things like the Christmas season. It’s easy to automate unchanging production amounts, but it’s difficult when they do change. We’re thoroughly communicating with our partners to make adjustments. As for the NX, manufacturing is being prepped. We’re considering how much to automate.”

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  1. I have a feeling the nx has something to do with a phone. Like Nintendo will start making there own phones…

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