Nintendo NX News Promised “Not Too Late” This Year


Nintendo announced their third-quarter financial results earlier today, signalling steady sales but a decline in profit.

That has only increased pressure for the company to reveal Nintendo NX, their “dedicated game platform” that was announced by late president Satoru Iwata in early 2015.

With analysts expecting the platform’s reveal as early as March, there was expectation that Nintendo would at least touch on their plans with investors this morning.

That wasn’t to be the case, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima only made a passing mention in that they will provide an update “not too late in the course of this year.”

Even that still leaves us largely in the dark, wondering whether Kimishima was referring to the company’s fiscal year – which ends on March 31st – or the calendar year.

Between information surfacing about Super Smash Bros. potentially becoming a launch title, software development kits being in distribution, and component supplier Macronix indicating that the platform will launch this year, it’s about time that Nintendo took the spotlight.

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