Nintendo NX could receive Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn port


Square Enix would be open to considering porting Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to Nintendo NX, according to the MMORPG’s director and producer Naoki Yoshida.

DualShockers had the chance to speak to Yoshida-san at gamescom 2015 last week, with the conversation largely being spurred by whether there was any progress on Final Fantasy XIV seeing release on Xbox One.

But, after the publisher had announced that Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are being considered for Nintendo NX, Yoshida-san was quizzed as to whether Final Fantasy XIV was also up for consideration.

He explained that he was still awaiting confirmation as to when the console will be released, and that Square Enix would need to talk to Nintendo about whether their Nintendo Network policies would allow for cross-platform gameplay – a conversation which is yet to be started between the two publishers.

It is worth noting that Nintendo has already supported cross-platform play on Wii U in indie titles such as Cubemen 2, and in Dragon Quest X between Wii U and Wii players.

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  1. Who gives a rip? OOH Buy a New Nintendo NX and now get ports from Xbox One and PS4. I have lost faith in you Nintendo. Zelda will be launched on NX/Wii U just like twilight princess, what a crock Nintendo. I hate that I bought a Wii U, and now form the news I see FF and Dragon Quest might be on the NX along the PS4. Ill stick to my PS4 and my XBox Thank you. Now Nintendo will port all the games form PS4 and Xbox One and Say look at our library of games. DONE WITH YOU NINTENDO

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