Nintendo NX Controller Leak Confirmed As A Fake By Creator


Nintendo have reiterated that they are taking care in “establishing a solid launch” for Nintendo NX, but, without any indication as to when we will learn more about the “dedicated game platform,” we have been left to debate patents and even the absence of any information.

This past week, excitement surrounding Nintendo’s next-gen hardware surged, when a supposed photo surfaced online that seemingly leaked the console’s controller design. That, as has been argued both ways ever since, has now turned out to be entirely fake.

Many poured over the photo with a meticulous lens which resulted in dismissing the chance that it may have been made in PhotoShop, but Reddit user Idriss2Dev has now revealed that their elaborate hoax was actually made in 3D imaging software.

Their confession came in a short video that has been posted to YouTube, which is comprised of Dumb & Dumber clips as well as a glimpse at the process in which the controller was superimposed on a desktop. “Thanks NeoGAF :’) Sorry #TeamReal,” a short message reads at the end of the video, which otherwise lacks any commentary.

So, the game is afoot. But, it’s clear that Nintendo need to start talking about the console, or at least indicate when we’ll learn more. The most recent rumour suggested that we will learn more before E3 2016 in June.

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