Nintendo Now Accepting “Final Orders” On Wii U Consoles From Retailers


It looks increasingly likely that Wii U will be remembered as Nintendo’s worst-selling console, with news emerging that the company is now accepting “final orders” from retailers.

That’s according to UK-based online retailer GameSeek, who share that retailers have been given until Friday 30th September to order Wii U consoles, and will be unable to do so beyond such date.

Such information even sees GameSeek go as far as to suggest that Nintendo NX could arrive earlier than expected, but more in that it signals that we may finally learn about the dedicated game platform next month.

This past week it has been rumoured that Foxconn Electronics has begun a trial production run for Nintendo NX, with industry sources estimating that 10 million units will be produced over the next year.

Nintendo most recently reported that, as of 30th June 2016, the Wii U had sold 13.02 million units worldwide, anticipating that another 800,000 units will be shipped within this financial year.

Even that will see the console sat far behind the GameCube, which had achieved 21.74 million unit sales worldwide in its lifetime before Nintendo moved on to score unrivalled success with Wii.

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