Nintendo: No plans for Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel

donkey kong country returns e3 trailer

If you’re holding out hoping that Nintendo are set to release a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns hot on the heels of its recent success, you may be a little disappointed to hear that Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe revealed that the publisher has no plans to do so at the time.

“I wasn’t even thinking about doing a sequel for Metroid Prime until Retro showed me the last scene in the game, which was near the end of development,” Tanabe explained, in an interview with Game Informer. “I wouldn’t say we won’t do a sequel [for Donkey Kong Country Returns], but we don’t have anything planned at this time.”

So, it may happen eventually… just not yet. Did you enjoy Retro Studios’ revival of the Donkey Kong Country franchise, and would you like to see a sequel being developed?

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