Nintendo Network troubled by Internal Server Error messages

Those who have received either a Wii U or 3DS for Christmas may find themselves encountering issues when creating a Nintendo Network ID, Nintendo of America have acknowledged.

Whilst the company are hard at work to rectify the situation, some users are being troubled by an “Internal Server Error” message during the account creation process. Nintendo recommend that if you continue to receive the error with your requested NNID, that you try again with a different selection.

“Hi, everyone. We’re aware that some of you are encountering issues with eShop and creating NNIDs,” they wrote on Twitter. “Our team is working hard to resolve them and we are truly sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience!”

If you want to keep track of their process with the issue, that can be viewed here.

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  1. While not entirely surprising, it was quite annoying. I checked throughout the day because I wanted to pick up a Chronicles of Mystara to play with my brothers and nothing.

    Also, it’s weird how Wii Sports Club hangs on start up and then throws up an error if there’s no Nintendo Network connection.

  2. Yeah, I thought something was up. Last night I set up the Wii U for our Christmas party, planning on playing Wii Sports Club. Despite having full WiFi signal, the system failed to connect on many occasions. After some resets, it finally worked. Later it went off again.

  3. “Our team is working hard” …really would it have been so hard to make sure there was capacity to handle all the traffic from all the sales OR was Nintendo just gambling on spending as little as they could on the server side. IMO Nintendo’s preparation (or total lack thereof) in this case makes the whole Obamacare website fiasco actually look not so bad after all.

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