‘Nintendo Network’ emerges

nintendo network logo

It has emerged today that Nintendo are to launch a new online initiative to be known as ‘Nintendo Network’.

Images of the Japanese box art for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy have today hit the Internet, courtesy of NeoGAF, revealing a new Nintendo Network icon located in the top right.

We already know that the Nintendo 3DS title is to support paid downloadable content, yet this is the first that we’ve heard regarding a potential online service for it to be available from.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is due to release in Japan on February 16th, so it can be presumed that Nintendo are to unveil the mystery surrounding the Nintendo Network icon before then.


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  1. Maybe we’ll get an update to the 3DS’s online system. It’s great as it stands, but I think personal accounts would be absolutely fantastic. A username that goes across games, with a set avatar (your “main” Mii), and connectivity throughout the system, is the sort of thing that would cement Nintendo’s online and prepare the world for the Wii U’s online, where we’ll hopefully be able to link the two systems.

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