Nintendo Minute Takes On Defenders Of The Triforce

Nintendo of America teamed up with SCRAP to create the Defenders of the Triforce, an interactive live puzzle event where attendees work in teams to solve mysteries within a time limit.

In this week’s Nintendo Minute episode, Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang look to conquer it, joined by other players as they work towards escaping from a scenario packed with puzzles and brainteasers.

This wasn’t a traditional escape room, instead being a story-based escape event in which the Triforce has fallen into evil hands.

With the clock ticking down, teams are encouraged to communicate and divide tasks efficiently between themselves in order to solve every puzzle as efficiently as possible. If successful, they will discover the legendary Master Sword and restore balance to the world.

The event is touring across the United States, arriving in Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego in the coming weeks.

You can keep an eye out on the SCRAP website for tickets!

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