Nintendo Minute Plays Monopoly Gamer


In this week’s Nintendo Minute episode Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang play Monopoly Gamer.

They start by showing the Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition, which is exclusive to GameStop in the United States, before playing the board game for a few turns to let you see how it all works.

Rather than use standard Monopoly tokens, it stars Super Mario characters that each have their own special powers. Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong all come with the game, and must defeat Bowser to win.

It’s not just about money, either. Players earn points by buying Properties, collecting coins (which replace Monopoly money) and beating Bosses – the player with the highest score winning the game. Players can roll the Power-up die to activates special abilities, and take down the enemies that they face.

Monopoly Gamer is now available to buy at retailers worldwide.

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