Nintendo Minute debate pits Super Metroid against Metroid Prime


Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang return for this week’s Nintendo Minute, choosing to debate the strengths that differentiate Super Metroid and Metroid Prime.

They look to answer the age old question as to which is the better game, although admit that the celebrated SNES and GameCube titles are equally great in their own right. Whether it be the feeling of isolation on an unfamiliar planet, the lack of hand-holding to guide you throughout the experience, or how the series helped birth the “Metroidvania” genre, plenty of key points were made.

Have a listen to their arguments for their favourite, and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Great debate guys 🙂 it’s tough when 2 of the greatest games go head to head but prime gets my vote for a couple of reasons. It is an incredible immersive experience and the scan visor just adds depth to the gameplay and plot. The boss battles are great because they require different strategies and abilities to defeat. Finally the music is some of the greatest in any game! The overall attention to detail is sublime! I love the trilogy (I actually prefer the second prime) so I think it’s obvious where my vote is lol 🙂 both are epics 🙂

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