Nintendo Minute Debate Pits SNES Against NES


Nintendo Minute debate makes a welcome return, with Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang arguing their case as to whether the NES or SNES is the superior console.

Their near 12-minute discussion sees Krysta advocate the SNES, while Kit defends the NES. Their arguments revolve around graphical and audial prowess, major franchises that appeared on each console, and the overall impact that each console had on the games industry.

“We don’t do these that often because we always end up mad and not speaking for weeks afterwards. We’re not speaking right now,” Kit and Krysta write. “In this debate, we argue which is better NES or Super Nintendo. To be clear, we both really love both consoles but had to pick a side to argue. What do you think? Which is better?”

How did they both do in making their case, and which console do you think is the best? Sound off in the comments!

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