Nintendo Minute Comes To An End After 8 Years

Nintendo Minute Kit Ellis Krysta Yang Photo

Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang have confirmed that after 8 years and more than 400 episodes, Nintendo Minute is coming to an end.

The two have previously spoken about how Nintendo Minute had started, which began with Kit and Krysta sharing their favourite Nintendo eShop games for Nintendo 3DS way back in May 2013.

Much has happened since, but the regular show became a vehicle that had allowed the company to interact with the community beyond their showstopping Nintendo Direct presentations while allowing us to hear from the developers behind all our favourite games.

“Nintendo Minute is coming to an end, and this will be our last episode,” Kit explains in their final Nintendo Minute episode. “We started in 2013. It’s 2021 now. We did – sometimes it’s hard to keep track – we did over 400 episodes, which is amazing. We covered so many topics, went all these incredible places, got to share the stories of the great Nintendo developers with all of you. So, I think we just feel very fortunate to have been able to do it, and thank you for going along for the ride with us.”

Krysta adds: “When Nintendo Minute started our whole goal was to connect with you guys, connect with the community, and I think we were able to do that. And that was the whole point of this, so thank you guys so much. We were so lucky to be here all this time.”

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Kit and Krysta for being constant and visible friends to the Nintendo community nearly every week for the past eight years, and wish them the best as their careers continue at Nintendo. (… and remember, Nintendo Minute is never a minute!)

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