Nintendo Mention New System In Development

shinya takahashi british academy game awards photo

Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi has made a surprising reference to a new “system” that is being researched and developed at the company.

When, in a video interview with the BBC, Takahashi had shared how pleased he was with the three British Academy Games Awards that he had accepted on behalf of the company’s development teams for their efforts on Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the conversation soon turned to what was next.

Asked about whether Nintendo Switch’s success has come as a surprise, he answers: “Nintendo constantly works on hardware, so we have been doing research and development so you may see the system sometime in the future.”

The acknowledgement that Nintendo “constantly” explores new hardware will not come as a surprise, as, for example, we know that work on the concept for Nintendo Switch had started soon after Wii U had launched. But, Takahashi’s comments now leave us wondering what he could be referring to.

Given the momentum behind the Nintendo Switch and the aged Nintendo 3DS hardware in comparison, it is more likely to be a successor in their handheld business. But, seeing the positive reaction to how Nintendo Switch has delivered a portable home console, it’s unclear what direction Nintendo will take.

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