Nintendo: Mario Kart 7 completed “as an act of emergency”

Mario Kart 7

Ensuring Mario Kart 7 was completed and released by the end of this year was deemed “an act of emergency” by Nintendo, it has been revealed.

Such comments were made by producer Hideki Konno in the latest Iwata Asks column, translated by NeoGAF, in which it was revealed the the game was originally developed internally by a team of eight.

Several production designers were then moved across to work on Nintendogs + Cats to ensure it was ready for the Nintendo 3DS launch line-up, with Nintendo later bringing in the talents of Retro Studios, developers of the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns, to finish Mario Kart 7 for its December release.

It appears that Retro were responsible for creating the 16 classic courses within the game, with Nintendo’s internal team left to focus on the 16 new tracks.

Mario Kart 7 is due to release for Nintendo 3DS across Europe on December 2nd, and North America on December 4th.

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