Nintendo look to “build sustainable relationships” with third-party publishers


Nintendo look to “build sustainable relationships” with third-party publishers rather than those that are financially driven, according to global president Satoru Iwata.

Such comments came in response to an investor asking whether the company would financially support third-parties that chose to develop for Nintendo’s platforms, to which he had reasoned that they were in the unique position where they had many first-party teams in place and therefore wouldn’t spend as much externally in comparison with their competitors.

“In terms of how we view our relationship with third-party publishers, I think it is natural that there is a difference between publishers who have the software development resources like Nintendo’s to build a software lineup of their own and publishers who do not,” Iwata began in his explanation.

“Since former President Yamauchi passed away, I have been considering what he taught us in the end, and his words that the worst thing we can do in entertainment is to follow what others are doing spoke directly to my heart.

“Following and imitating others is the kind of reasoning that Nintendo tries to avoid the most, and while we certainly do not have a negative attitude toward strengthening our ties with third-party publishers, employing the same methodology as the other manufacturers would only lead to the most simplistic competitive approaches, such as price wars or money-giving that would never end. We would like to take a unique approach of our own and build sustainable relationships with our third-party publishers.”

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  1. I’m a firm believer that NOT doing a certain thing because everyone else IS is just as bad as doing a certain thing for the same reason.

    I understand the value of wanting to be unique since only one Nintendo exists, but to miss opportunities for the sake of being different…

    Love you Nintendo

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