Nintendo leads Dengeki’s Top 10 Publishers for market share in Japan


Nintendo may not have struck overwhelming success with Wii U, but the company still continues to perform well in their home territory. So much so, that Dengeki reports that they remain the dominant company in terms of software sales in Japan for the first half of this year.

That tracked sales between 30th March – 27th September 2015, a period in which Nintendo were attributed to a whopping 32.1 percent of sales. That actually climbed in comparison to the previous year, where 24.7 percent was calculated.

Their nearest competition came from LEVEL-5 at 11.9 percent, which was a sharper decline compared to last year’s 20.8 percent. SEGA and Koei Tecmo Games missed out on a place, whereas the only other platform holder was Sony who were attributed to 3.1 percent – demonstrating how much they continue to rely on third-party publishers.

1. Nintendo – 32.1 percent
2. LEVEL-5 – 11.9 percent
3. Square Enix – 11 percent
4. Bandai Namco Entertainment – 10.7 percent
5. Konami – 5.3 percent
6. Capcom – 4.9 percent
7. Sony Computer Entertainment – 3.1 percent
8. GungHo Online Entertainment – 2.3 percent
9. Spike Chunsoft – 1.8 percent
10. Marvelous Entertainment – 1.5 percent

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