Nintendo launch Xenoblade Chronicles YouTube Channel

xenoblade 7

Nintendo have today announced that they have launched a dedicated YouTube Channel for Xenoblade Chronicles ahead of its August 19th release date.

Set to feature a series of seven in-depth “Let’s Play: Xenoblade Chronicles” gameplay videos, it is hoped that the YouTube Channel will provide an early, unique view on the many features that form the game.

These will include elements such as learning how to fulfil quests, obtaining armour, collecting new items and weaponry, and showing the best way to launch chain attacks with your initial party members, Reyn and Fiora, which is one of the most effective ways to defeat the large monsters you will encounter along your journey. You’ll learn the importance of inflicting ‘break’ and causing ‘topple’ so you and your party can start to inflict real damage to the Mechon, as well as mastering the use of the Monado – the only blade that can defeat such foes.

You will also be able to witness Shulk’s ability to see visions in which he foresees catastrophic future events that you are then tasked with preventing. Also discussed is the affinity system, in which the player can improve his relationship with his party and many non-player characters through interacting with them. This system also incorporates side quests, and completing them can affect how townsfolk will treat you to then open up new story sequences for you to explore.

You can checkout the YouTube Channel here:

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