Nintendo knew that Metroid Prime: Federation Force “was a tough concept”


Nintendo recognised that Metroid Prime: Federation Force “was a tough concept,” and looked to better communicate the game’s appeal in their Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 coverage.

That’s according to Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime, who was asked as to how the company gauges response to their online-only Nintendo Digital Event. That sees them track real-time social media to see what everyone’s commenting on, analysing what receives a positive and negative response.

While they had expected Star Fox Zero, Super Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Woolly World to do well, they were aware that other announcements, notably the controversial Metroid Prime: Federation Force, would need to be expanded upon.

“We also learn along the way what things aren’t as clear as we want them to be, and that’s where we put added focus during the show,” Fils-Aime explained to GameSpot.

“And so, for example, Metroid Prime: Federation Force. We knew that it was a tough concept, right? It’s a game taking place in the Metroid Prime environment, but there’s no Samus. And the gameplay’s different, so how do we communicate that?”

He continued, “And we tried hard to do that in the Digital Event, where we’re hearing that maybe it wasn’t as clearly communicated. And ao we’re spending on it during Treehouse Live, and again that’s one of the benefits that we have in just the overall approach that we take for E3. It’s just not a press conference, and then come play our games.

“We look for a range of opportunities to help people understand what’s magical about our content. Because we know once we get a controller in your hands, you’re going to have a wonderful experience. And so, we’re doing that now. And what’s interesting, is that I’m now hearing that the reaction to Blast Ball has been quite fabulous.”

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  1. The game looks fun but there was absolutely no need to set it in the Metroid universe. They could have had a generic space shooter and not annoyed the fan-boys/fan-girls anywhere near as much. Will be interesting to see what the single-player mode has you doing though because the multi-player seems rather dull.

    I love Metroid and will keep an eye on this but its low down on the list of games I might buy.

    1. I whole heartedly agree with you Andrew.

      If this game had perhaps had another name other than Metroid Prime: Federation force, I’m sure Nintendo fans would of welcomed the game with much more of a welcoming reception. But Nintendo looked at this game and must of thought ‘Hmm.. This game deserves to be in the Metroid franchise’ and with the underwhelming game play and graphics it clearly doesn’t. It’s just a general insult to me personally.

      1. This game was actually Metroid from the start. It had began development in Next Level Games before it was shelved so they could focus on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

  2. They are lying. When they develop a game, they focus on gameplay first, then they compare it to an IP that best fits that gameplay. I suppose they picked metroid prime because it is their only game that has a first person perspective. As for playing the game before judging it, I’ve seen the gameplay and it’s not metroid prime at all. I will not buy this abomination.

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