Nintendo initiate large developer recruitment drive


Nintendo have begun a large recruitment drive to seek both graduates and experienced development personnel.

This is partly to help establish their previously announced Research & Development facility in Kyoto, which will work on software and hardware.

This, according to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, is due to increased developmental demands with the Wii U and 3DS, and the company hopes for successful synergy between their offices.

A few examples of the employees they’re looking to recruit are as follows:

Kyoto – Mid Career Recruitment
[Development Department] Program Development Engineer, Web Engineer, Network Library for game development engineers, Library Support for network game engineers, Building Management System, Engineer Server, Software Engineer Wireless Communications, Embedded Software Engineer, Evaluation and Validation Software Development Engineer, Improve software quality engineer, Body embedded software development engineer, Production Engineering Development, Development Coordinator, Product Development Coordinator, Technical designer, Artwork Designer, Design 3DCG, Effects Designer, GUI Designer, Movie film production staff, Illustrator, Industrial designer, Sound Creator, Packaging Designers, Packaging design personnel (contractors), Technical Writer (contract employee)

[Technology Department] Technical Support (mainly software)
Field Development Engineer
Games conformity assessment professionals (contractors)

Tokyo – Mid Career Recruitment
[Development Department] Main Director or Planner, Design 3DCG, Effects Designer, GUI Designer, Programmer, and Network Application Engineer.

New College Graduates Hiring Into Nintendo
[Science and Engineering] Game development program, middleware development tools, network development library, developed OS · library driver, game system architecture design, Communications Systems wireless capabilities, server systems development, enterprise network management systems, hardware (electromechanical) , Production Engineering, Procurement, other patent management

[System Design] CG design, artwork design, industrial design, GUI design, design effects, video production other movies

[Sound system] Music production (Composer), production sound effects, sound program

[Thanks The Kyoto Report]

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