Nintendo file U.S. trademark for The Last Story


Update: Regrettably, Joystiq have cleared up this resurface of the trademark for The Last Story. It was apparently filed in January 2010, and has been granted “Notice of Allowance” this week, meaning that it has been through its 30-day “opposition period” without any other parties opposing its registration. Nintendo may therefore register it, but they still have yet to do so. Sorry folks!

Original Story: It would seem that JRPG Wii exclusive The Last Story may indeed be headed to North America. That is, if a recent U.S. trademark filed by Nintendo is anything to go by.

Fans have recently been campaigning for Nintendo of America to release a trio of Japanese titles – Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower – within the region, and this is the first positive sign that it may soon become a reality.

However there is also the possibility that as it is simply a trademark filing, viewable here courtesy of Trademarkia, it may also not lead to anything at all. Fingers crossed though!

[Thanks, Game Informer]

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