Nintendo explain Yarn Yoshi’s E3 2013 absence


If Nintendo’s wholesome software selection showcased at E3 2013 proved a treat, Yarn Yoshi had been a notable absence.

Revealed back in January, no new information about the green dinosaur’s take on Kirby’s Epic Yarn has been shared, yet Takshi Tezuka revealed that Nintendo simply aren’t ready to show any more of the game yet.

“I looked at [Epic Yarn] and thought it was really beautiful,” Tezuka shared with IGN, as to his reasons for the game’s concept. “It seemed like it would be a good fit for Yoshi as well. We found that the Wii U would be able to make it a much more expressive game. It looked like it would be a lot of fun.”

Kirby’s Epic Yarn faced criticism for the easy of its gameplay, yet Tezuka’s promised that Yarn Yoshi will provide more challenge.

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