Nintendo eShop Update Helps You Discover New Games On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo eShop Discover Screenshot

With an ever-increasing number of games releasing on Nintendo Switch each week, the Nintendo eShop has received a new update that will help you find the best games that are available to play.

You can now explore the Discover section in Europe, a curated page that, at the moment, lists critically acclaimed games, monthly highlights, high-profile games that are discounted, Rocket League as the online game of the week, Nintendo’s top pick and multiplayer games where you can share Joy-Con between two players.

The Charts also now list the Top 30 games, and you can choose whether it excludes retail games or not.

“Nintendo eShop has received a new update offering a new way to find interesting new games to play!” Nintendo of Europe writes.

“Say hello to ‘Discover,’ a new section on Nintendo eShop offering you a collection of hand-picked content reflecting the very best of Nintendo eShop.

“Check it out now to find some critically acclaimed hidden gems, our pick for the online game of the week, some top-selling DLC, and more! It’s an express way to find the best content Nintendo eShop has to offer.

Discover will also be updated often with brand new topics, so check back regularly to be inspired! Your next game awaits, and it could be one you weren’t expecting!

“Head to Nintendo eShop now and select ‘Discover.’ Just as quick and easy as it sounds!”

Nintendo has admitted that they needed to improve “discoverability and visibility” on the Nintendo eShop, and these seems like a positive step in the right direction.

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