Nintendo eShop Update: 7th November 2019 (North America)

Layton's Mystery Journey Deluxe Edition Switch Image

This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new games, demos, and add-on content for Nintendo Switch – as well as plenty of discounts across all platforms.

Nintendo eShop Sales

Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

Nintendo Switch Demos

Desktop Dodgeball Trial Edition, SAT-BOX – Free
Play dodgeball from the comfort of your desk! Dodge the ball, or catch it… It’s up to you! Knock out your opponents with a super shot!

Desktop Rugby Trial Edition, SAT-BOX – Free
The thrill of a rugby match all on one desktop! Every try is electrifying! Every win is a feat of teamwork!

The Legend of Dark Witch, Inside System – Free (available Monday 11th November)
The Legend of Dark Witch is a 2D platform action game. Zizou can learn new attacks by defeating bosses. She will need every one of those attacks if she is going to save the world.

Nintendo Switch Games

ANIMUS: Harbinger, TROOOZE – $7.99
These are the days before Ire: Blood Memory, the days when Kerr the Breaker’s evil slipped its way into Cadmeia. You, Forlorn — follower of the Resonant, and caught out of time and place — are called upon by the shadow of the late King Cadmus to bring judgement to those that have betrayed the land. Only you can take on this duty, as you are forgotten, and those forgotten can never die, as they have truly never lived.

Arcade Archives T.N.K III, Hamster Corporation – $7.99
T.N.K III is a vertically scrolling shooting game released by SNK in 1985. In the last years of the great war, when authorities get word that an enemy nation is developing weapons on a small island, they order a special task force to destroy the enemy’s development facilities. Colonel RALF of the special task force learns that this is crucial for victory and decides to take on the sabotage mission alone.

Asdivine Kamura, KEMCO – $14.99
After everything is upended when a transcendent being named Zaddes appears and begins altering the world, the Spirit Deity, Shiki, sets out to gather the Mystic Orbs scattered throughout the various regions, and restore his world. Teaming up with an unlikely band of both quiet and freewheeling female companions, what conclusion they all arrive at? Only deity knows the answer to that!

Bee Simulator, Bigben Interactive – $39.99 (available Tuesday 12th November)
See the world through the eyes of a bee! Explore a world inspired by Central Park where you can take part in bee races, collect pollen from rare flowers and defy dangerous wasps. Play with friends or family in three game modes, including co-op and PvP on split-screen.

Blindy, Ultimate Games – $7.99 (available Friday 8th November)
Take 2D platformer, add some souls-like difficulty, get rid of all useless stuff and turn lights off – that’s Blindy.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival, Bandai Namco Entertainment – $49.99 (available Friday 8th November)
The sweet and stackable Disney Tsum Tsum characters step foot into a toy store filled with party games. Families can have a blast together in multiplayer matchups like curling, bubble hockey and coin dozer. With 10 different games and a festival of kid-friendly Tsums, this week’s game night just got a whole lot cuter.

Draw Chilly, Hypetrain Digital – $9.99 (available Tuesday 12th November)
Draw Chilly is a hell of an arcade game where you take on the role of Vladimir and raise a city from the depths of Purgatory at the request of your employers, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Football Game, Ratalaika Games – $4.99 (available Friday 8th November)
Tommy is the local high school football hero in the small town of East Bend, USA. It’s game night for the Purchase County Turbines and his sweetheart is waiting in the bleachers. However, something is amiss…

Headsnatchers, Iceberg Interactive – $14.99
Headsnatchers is a stupidly hectic party game for up to 4 players, local or online! Challenge your friends to insane brawls, steal their heads and do dumb stuff with them – anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch!

holedown, webbfarbror – $9.99 (available Wednesday 13th November)
Dig deep underground by shooting balls and breaking blocks to traverse your way to the core of planets. With only a certain number of shots per round and some blocks firmly fixed to the wall, thoughtfully strategize and aim the balls for maximum impact. Knock down as many blocks as possible while collecting crystals for upgrades and getting deeper beneath the surface.

House of Golf, Atomicom – $9.99 (available Friday 8th November)
House of Golf is the golfing dojo you always dreamed of. Go mental with 135 fiendish levels of golfing madness. Reduce your golf buddies to a crying mess with the ultimate 4 player party mode. Test your metal as the difficulty and insanity ramps. But ultimately stand tall as a House of Golf ninja master and pile exclusive in-game loot into your pockets!

Incredible Mandy, CIRCLE Entertainment – $14.99
Throughout Incredible Mandy you will explore the memories of a brother and sister that are buried deeply within their dreams; every dream represents an untold secret.

Instant Sports, Plug In Digital – $24.99 (available Friday 8th November)
There are six sports to play: tennis, goalkeeper, bowling, baseball, rafting, and hurdle race.

Juicy Realm, X.D. Network – $14.99
Juicy Realm is a roguelite game in which players must square off against bizarre fruits all across the world. The line between the animal and the plant world has become blurred, and the food chain has been completely disrupted. Humans, upon making this incredible discovery, have set up outposts along the border of the aggressive plants’ habitat for investigations, defense, and in preparation for what may come.

Jumanji: The Video Game, Outright Games – $39.99 (available Friday 8th November)
Unite in adventure and laughter in the action-packed game of Jumanji, the ultimate challenge for those who seek to leave their world behind. Play online, split-screen or with AI teammates, and combine the unique abilities of Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse and Prof. Oberon to defeat your foes and save the day!

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy – Deluxe Edition, LEVEL-5 – $39.99 (available Friday 8th November)
The famous Professor Hershel Layton has gone missing, and it’s time for his smart and spirited daughter Katrielle to take the spotlight. Enjoy a mysterious and intriguing adventure with this Deluxe Edition, which includes more than 40 new puzzles, enhanced HD visuals and all the DLC from the Nintendo 3DS version.

Mad Games Tycoon, Toplitz Productions – $39.99 (available Tuesday 12th November)
In Mad Games Tycoon you build your own Gaming Empire. Start your own game studio in the early 80s. The journey begins in a small garage with little money and limited resources. Create new game concepts, set up your team and develop the next million hit. Research new technologies, train employees and buy new and larger office space.

Meanders, FraZack – $4.99
A sparkling adventure through a series of funny and relaxing challenges in a colorful setting.

Monkey Barrels, Good-Feel – $14.99
In a world ruled by the consumer electronics giant Crabbenwold Electro, a pair of brave monkeys set out on a journey to rescue their kidnapped friends from an evil army of robot appliances!

New Super Lucky’s Tale, Playful – $39.99 (available Friday 8th November)
Discover the world of the New Super Lucky’s Tale game as you quest to rescue the Book of Ages from the mysterious Jinx and his nefarious Kitty Litter. Use Lucky’s bushy tail and wit to overcome enemies in this playful platforming adventure for all ages.

One Person Story, Drageus Games – $2.99 (available Friday 8th November)
This game is a personal story. Just like life, it’s a puzzle of obstacles and friendships, a rollercoaster of downs and ups, pain and hope.

puzzlement, – $1.99
Puzzlement is a minimal puzzle game based on walking/jumping between plane surfaces. The goal is simple; collect all red squares.

Rally Road, Dispatch Games – $TBC (available Friday 8th November)

REKT! High Octane Stunts, QubicGames – $5.99 (available Friday 8th November)
Ever wanted to kickflip a car? Get behind the wheel in this high octane stunt driving game and get REKT! With REKT doing tricks is incredibly smooth and easy, and with realistic physics it’s easy to learn and hard to master. Get your landing right and power slide into the next trick for an incredible trick combo chain at a smooth 60 frames per second.

Ritual: Crown of Horns, Feardemic – $19.99
Ritual: Crown of Horns is a slaughterhouse: a fast-paced action game set in an alternate Wild West, a demonic version of a hellish frontier. This arcade-inspired title unravels a tale about an unlikely duo: a bounty hunter who comes back from beyond the grave, yearning to exact revenge on his killers and a witch who aids him with a series of powerful rituals to further her own agenda.

Romancing SaGa 3, Square Enix – $28.99 (available Monday 11th November)
The celebrated RPG classic comes West for the first time! Experience a brand-new HD remaster of the legendary 1995 RPG masterpiece.

Skybolt Zack, GMG Label – $19.99
Skybolt Zack is the result of a unique way of mixing platformer mechanics and colour matching gameplay. Controls are tight and Zack’s ability to rocket punch, dash, focus, change direction when destroying an enemy and more, offers more depth than what meets the eye – following the “easy to learn, hard to master” mantra.

Stay Cool, Kobayashi-san!: A River City Ransom Story, Arc System Works – $13.99
Kunio-kun’s infamous rival that all River City Series fans will recognize, The head of the Reiho High School Big Four: Kobayashi gets his own game!

Strange Telephone, Playism – $9.99
Jill is trapped in a dark world, and in front of her floats a large mysterious door. To her aid comes Graham, a strange entity in the form of a telephone. By typing 6 numbers into Graham, Jill can cause the realm to transform. The resulting characteristics of the space depend on the numbers you input into the phone. Try different combinations and explore, gather items to help you and find the key that will open the floating door, allowing you to escape this dark world.

Sturmwind EX, b-alive – $12.99 (available Friday 8th November)
Sturmwind EX is a shoot ’em up in the tradition of old arcade games. If it moves, shoot it! You can play mission mode with all 16 levels with saving your progress with every finished level or arcade mode with 6 levels and no continues.

Super Street: Racer, Funbox Media – $49.99
In Super Street: Racer, you don’t just buy your car, you build it. Use hundreds of car parts from the biggest aftermarket brands to customize your exterior, interior and performance to go from scrap to supercar! Take your build to the streets and tear up the roads in breathtaking landscapes or world cities. From drifting on the highways in Tokyo and burning rubber in the Nevada desert, to cruising the warm, atmospheric streets of Los Angeles.

The Grisaia Trilogy, Prototype – $59.99
For the first time since its humble beginnings as a PC game, and after the handheld, manga, and anime adaptations that followed, the complete The Fruit of Grisaia Trilogy is now available on the Nintendo Switch system in one complete collection!

The Manga Works, Kairosoft – $14
Create a manga masterpiece and draw your way into the nation’s heart. Start out as a fledgling manga artist in a small and empty room… Armed with only a single pen, draw the best manga you can and march proudly to the publishers to show off your work.

The Mims Beginning, Ultimate Games – $8.99 (available Monday 11th November)
Experience the mysterious and mystical by taking on a journey with Mims in this strategic god-like video game. Create structures, plant vegetation, breed animals, take care of your minions, use divine PSI powers, triumph in face of natural disasters, fight monsters, predict the future, reveal secrets and so much more.

Thief of Thieves: Season One, Rival Games – $19.99 (available Tuesday 12th November)
In Thief of Thieves: Season One you play as a cat burglar using stealth, social engineering and team members to pull off some high profile heists across the world.

Tokyo Dark: Remembrance, UNTIES – $19.99
Will the past come back to haunt you, or will you stand by your decisions? Detective Ito`s partner is missing, but what starts as a straightforward case soon spirals into a twisted nightmare that causes Ito to confront her past and question her own sanity.

Truck Simulator USA, SC Ovilex Soft – $13.99
Want to know what driving an 18 Wheeler feels like? Truck Simulator USA offers a real trucking experience that will let you explore amazing locations. This American Truck Simulator features many semi truck brands, with realistic engine sounds and detailed interiors!

Twister Road, Dispatch Games – $4.99
Jump left and right in this fast-paced ever-changing and challenging sci-fi world. The further you get, the faster the road goes!

Yaga, Versus Evil – $24.99 (available Tuesday 12th November)
Smash, clobber and bash the murderous legends of Slavic mythology in this darkly funny action role-playing game that changes every time you play. Play as Ivan, a one-handed blacksmith with incredibly bad luck, who must take on the impossible tasks given to him by the tzar. All the while the mysterious witch, Baba Yaga, watches over Ivan’s fate.

Zen Chess Collection, QUByte Interactive – $3.99 (available Tuesday 12th November)
A collection of four minimalist chess puzzle games to test your skills in a series of 600 challenges, designed for experienced chess players and newcomers alike.

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