Nintendo eShop Update: 6th October 2016 (North America)


As with Europe, Paper Mario: Color Splash leads this week’s Nintendo eShop update in North America.

The Wii U Virtual Console service adds Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, while the console welcomes Act it Out! A Game of Charades, Hurry Up! Bird Hunter, Ninja Pizza Girl, PSIBO, and SKORB.

Elsewhere, Mega Man X2 blasts onto the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console service, with Epic Word Search Holiday Special, Pixel Hunter, and Psycho Pigs releasing on the handheld.

Special Offers (Wii U)

  • B3 Game Expo for Bees: 20 percent off (reduced from $4.99 to $3.99) until 19th October 2016
  • Chompy Chomp Chomp Party: 50 percent off (reduced from $11.99 to $5.99) until 3rd November 2016
  • Christmas Adventure of Rocket Penguin: 20 percent off (reduced from $1.99 to $1.59) until 20th October 2016
  • Joe’s Diner: 25 percent off (reduced from $7.99 to $5.99) until 21st October 2016
  • Hot Rod Racer: 40 percent off (reduced from $2.99 to $1.49) until 1st Novemebr 2016
  • Infinity Runner: More than 40 percent off (reduced from $6.99 to $3.99) until 3rd November 2016
  • The Letter: 75 percent off (reduced from $1.99 to 49 cents) until 1st November 2016
  • Word Search by POWGI: On sale until 13th October 2016
  • Special Offers (3DS)

  • Aqua Moto Racing 3D: 25 percent off (reduced from $7.99 to $5.99) until 13th October 2016
  • CIRCLE Entertainment: Castle Conqueror Defender, Glory of Generals The Pacific and more games are on sale until 27th October 2016
  • Funfair Party Games: 25 percent off (reduced from $7.99 to $5.99) until 21st October 2016
  • Treva Entertainment: Me & My Furry Patients 3D , My Life on a Farm 3D and more games are on sale until 20th October 2016
  • Word Search by POWGI: On sale until 13th October 2016
  • Virtual Console (Wii U)

  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (Nintendo DS), Nintendo – $9.99
  • It’s opening day of the new Super Mini Mario World theme park, and Donkey Kong has kidnapped the guest of honor Pauline. In this Nintendo DS action puzzler, it’s up to you and an army of freshly assembled Mini Mario toys to rescue her. Guide your Mini Marios through more than 80 perilous stages while looking out for mini-minions.

    Wii U Download Software

  • Act it Out! A Game of Charades (available 10th October 2016), Snap Finger Click – $9.99
  • Choose from over 1500 secret phrases to act out from categories including film, music and video games. More than just acting, you can even sing, draw using the Wii U GamePad or describe the hidden phrases! Supports 2-8 players using the Wii U GamePad. Compete against each other, work in teams, or play cooperatively. Customize the game the way you want to play.

  • Hurry Up! Bird Hunter, EnjoyUp Games – $7.99
  • Hunt as many birds as possible before the time runs out. With several different types of objectives, you are given a unique and challenging variety from start to finish. Look, aim and fire! Feel like a real hunter thanks to the precision of the Wii Remote and Wii Zapper. It is also compatible with Wii U GamePad that supports Off-TV mode. Be the best hunter and compete face to face with friends and family in the two multiplayer modes for up to 4 players.

  • Ninja Pizza Girl, Disparity Games – $9.99
  • In the traffic-choked cities of the not too distant future there is only one way to deliver a pizza across town in 30 minutes or less – underpaid teenage ninjas! Ninja Pizza Girl tells the story of Gemma, a sixteen-year-old girl working as a pizza delivery ninja for her father’s independent Pizzeria. In a world where slums teeter on top of skyscrapers, where powerful mega-corporations exploit the poor and where quality pizza is hard to come by, Gemma must fight to keep her ideals, her family and their business intact in face of the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl – other teenagers.

  • PSIBO, Nami Tentou – $4.99
  • PSIBO is a game that mashes together mechanics of many timeless arcade classics in a new, sleek form. Fight your way through the hexagonal defense systems of the universe in the original levels, or try to get the highest score in the endless mode! This game is merciless and hectic. Expect a challenge.

  • SKORB, Stereo Chromatic LLC – $8.99
  • Take flight in the 3D world of SKORB. Enjoy a relaxing trip through each level or hone your speed-running and route optimization skills to compete for the fastest times in the world. Experience the unqiue visual and aural aesthetic of SKORB, only for the Nintendo Wii U.

  • Paper Mario: Color Splash (available 7th October 2016), Nintendo – $59.99
  • A mystery’s afoot on Prism Island and only Mario can solve it by restoring the land’s vanishing colors with his new Paint Hammer. Puzzling battles await, but never fear – there’s always a clever way to deal out the powerful Battle Cards up his sleeve. These fresh layers of strategy make this one of the most action-packed Paper Mario adventures ever!

    Virtual Console (New Nintendo 3DS)

  • Mega Man X2 (SNES), Capcom – $7.99
  • Fresh from defeating Sigma and his Mavericks, Mega Man X tracks down the remaining rogue Reploids to an abandoned factory where they are continuing their rebellion. While Mega Man X is kept busy by eight new Mavericks, a new threat plots to resurrect a secret weapon that is all too familiar. Download this Super NES classic starting today!

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  • Disney 2-Pack (available 11th October 2016), GameMill Entertainment – $29.99
  • The Disney 2-Pack bundle contains Disney Frozen: Olaf’s Quest and Big Hero 6: Battle In The Bay.

  • Epic Word Search Holiday Special, Lightwood Games – $7.99
  • Epic Word Search puzzles are huge – and they’re back in this brand new collection of seasonal puzzles!

  • Pixel Hunter, Lemondo Games – $2.99
  • Pixel Hunter is 3D side-scroller game, designed in Voxel and 8Bit style. The game is about a hunter, whose weapons were stolen by different animals. His only thought is to return them all.

  • Psycho Pigs, Bergsala Lightweight – $7.99
  • Psycho Pigs is a arena based bombing action game remake of the 1987 classic Jaleco game! There are a wide variety of bombs and power up items that you can use to ham it up! ‘Hit and don’t get hit’ is the aim of the game so use the arena’s properties to your advantage, such as hiding in the bushes to sneak up on your foes.

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