Nintendo eShop Update: 6th April 2023 (North America)

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This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new games for Nintendo Switch as well as plenty of discounts across all platforms.

Nintendo eShop Sales

Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

List of Nintendo Switch Games Out This Week

  • Alekon
  • Another Tomorrow (available Friday 7th April)
  • Arcade Archives NAVARONE
  • Batora: Lost Haven
  • Bubble Puzzler
  • Bumballon (available Friday 7th April)
  • Catgotchi: Virtual Pet (available Friday 7th April)
  • Celebrity Slot Machine
  • Cube Farmer
  • Curse of the Sea Rats
  • Drill Deal: Oil Tycoon (available Friday 7th April)
  • Dungeons of Aether
  • Finger Football: Goal in One
  • Forever Lost: Episode 1 (available Friday 7th April)
  • Fury Roads Survivor
  • Fusion SHIFT (available Friday 7th April)
  • Goroons
  • Hyper-5 (available Wednesday 12th April)
  • IIN
  • Incoherence (available Friday 7th April)
  • Infinite Guitars
  • Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger
  • Lucky Slots
  • Madness Brutal Fighting – Mortal Fight Battle Attack Multiplayer
  • Mayhem in Single Valley
  • Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories
  • My Name is Mayo
  • New York City Driver
  • Numbers and Squares (available Friday 7th April)
  • Paint For Kids
  • Pretty Girls Tile Match
  • Process of Elimination (available Tuesday 11th April)
  • Pupperazzi
  • Repit (available Saturday 8th April)
  • Station 117 (available Friday 7th April)
  • Super Cute Alien’s Adventure (available Friday 7th April)
  • Tasty Slot Machine
  • That’s My Family: Family Fun Night
  • The 7th Guest
  • The Adventures of Poppe
  • The Answer is 42
  • The JOTA Collection
  • The Library of Babel (available Friday 7th April)
  • Tormentor-Action Fire Counter Shooter Game 2023 Gun Strike Simulator
  • TRON: Identity (available Tuesday 11th April)
  • Tuya (available Friday 7th April)
  • Ultimate 4×4 Offroad Parking Trucks: Car Driving Racing Simulator 2023 LITE Speed Games
  • Volley Pals
  • Wildfrost (available Wednesday 12th April)
  • Witch Explorer
  • Zodiakalik (available Saturday 8th April)
  • Zombie Garden vs Plants Defence – Battle Craft and Survival Simulator Game
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