Nintendo eShop Update: 27th July 2017 (North America)


This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new content across Nintendo Switch, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS.

That welcomes multiple big hitters, with Namco Museum and Overcooked: Special Edition arriving on Nintendo Switch, and Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia releasing on Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo eShop Sales

Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

Nintendo Switch Download Software

  • ACA NEOGEO Super Sidekicks, Hamster Corporation – $7.99

Super Sidekicks is a soccer game released by SNK in 1992. This is the very first realistic-looking soccer game released for the NEOGEO system. Use a variety of techniques such as dribbling and passing to compete against the best teams from around the world! Take part in exhilarating matches on your way to seizing the Champion Cup!

  • Namco Museum, Bandai Namco Entertainment – $29.99
  • Namco Museum (PAC-MAN VS. Free Multiplayer-only Version), Bandai Namco Entertainment – Free

Play some of the most popular Namco games, anytime, anywhere! Enjoy classics such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Splatterhouse and Tower of Drauga, or play games including Rolling Thunder, Skykid or Tank Forcewith friends and family.

  • Overcooked: Special Edition, Team17 – $19.99

Working as a team, you and up to four fellow chefs must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the paying customers storm out in a huff. Overcooked: Special Edition features all the exhilarating (and enraging) kitchens from the main game, as well as both expansions, “The Lost Morsel” and “Festive Seasoning.” Sharpen your knives and dust off your chef’s whites – there isn’t mushroom for error, and the steaks are high in these crazy kitchens!

  • Qbics Paint, Abylight – $4.99

In Qbics Paint you will become a sort of Michelangelo, sculpting digitally with your own fingers to “free” the Qbics hiding within the block! Then, get your artistic mojo flowing painting your Qbics. Use the Maker Mode to sculpt freestyle your own Qbics — or let your imagination run wild editing those you already unlocked. Finally, combine it with the Image Mode using a wide range of stock images to get you inspired.

  • Ultra Hyperball, Springloaded – $9.99 (available 28th July 2017)

In the ultimate sport of Hyperball, have you got what it takes to be the ultimate champion! Climb the ranks in the game’s single player story mode. Play as Jay, an unlikely hero, battling against the odds to join the Hyperball league!

Virtual Console (Wii U)

  • Air Zonk (Turbografx-16), Konami – $5.99

Air Zonk is a spin-off of the popular Bonk’s Adventure series. The powered-up Zonk gathers his friends to form Team Cool, and they set out to stop King Drool’s plan to conquer the world. Choose from 3 levels of difficulty and 3 types of Friend Modes. Shoot King Drool’s cyber robots and avoid their attacks while collecting the Air Bones to unleash a variety of attacks. Enjoy unique moves such as combining with a friend to create an invincible hybrid form or blasting enemies with a charged attack.

  • Ninja Spirit (TurboGrafx-16), IREM – $5.99

Ninja Spirit is a side-scrolling action game that amazed the gaming world with its precision graphics and quality game play. Play as the ninja Moonlight and engage in a fierce battle to avenge his father’s death and unlock the secrets of his birth.

  • Victory Run (Turbografx-16), Konami – $5.99

Race from Paris to Dakar, in the Victory Run rally game. The game is made up of 8 different Special Stages, including highways, deserts, savannas, and coastlines. Cross the finish line within the allotted stage time (plus any extra time) to successfully clear each stage. If the total time elapsed is less than the set stage time, you can progress to the next stage.

Wii U Download Software

  • Cubeshift, Jace Voracek – $TBC

Cubeshift is an infinite arcade puzzler. Help guide the falling square using sliders! As the square falls, it will land on a layer of sliders which can be manipulated to guide the square past each layer. Watch out for the spikes, touching the top of those or causing the square to lag behind will result in a game over!

New 3DS Download Software

  • Swipe, RCMADIAX – $1.49

It’s time to Swipe! Move up, down, left and right to avoid the oncoming black dots. Collect as many crystals as you can to get the high score! Share your score with family and friends to see who can get the highest score – endless fun for everyone!

3DS Download Software

  • Hey! Pikmin, Nintendo – $39.99 (available 28th July 2017)

Captain Olimar has crashed on an unknown planet inhabited by Pikmin. Get a new perspective on his adorably fierce partners as you fight to fuel his ship in his first 2D platformer. Hey! Pikmin is also the first Pikmin game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

  • Kid Tripp, Four Horses – $TBC

Kid Tripp has crashed on a mysterious island and now the local wildlife is out to ruin his day. Run and jump your way through 20 levels of intense platforming madness in this tough-as-nails platformer! Have you got what it takes to help Kid Tripp escape?

  • Miitopia, Nintendo – $39.99 (available 28th July 2017)

Since the dawn of ever, warriors have banded together to fight evil. Now … Mii characters based on your favorite people must unite to do turn-based battle and save Miitopia! Cast them in roles across the kingdom, manage friendships and give them jobs with distinct stats, abilities, gear and custom looks.

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