Nintendo eShop Update: 25th February 2016 (Europe)

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As Pokémon Day beckons, this week’s Nintendo eShop update for Europe is dominated by the 20 year old brand.

The Wii U Virtual Console service welcomes Pokémon Ranger, while Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow Version will see release on Sunday 27th February.

Bravely Second: End Layer and Mega Man Legacy Collection are the heavy hitters on Nintendo 3DS, accompanied by other releases such as Bergsala Lightweight’s Excave III: Tower of Destiny and Sadame from Rising Star Games.

Special Offers (Wii U)

  • Joe’s Diner, Joindots – £3.59 (€7.19) until 10th March 2016, normally £5.99 (€7.99)
  • SDK Paint, Hullbreach Studios – £2.99 (€3.35) until 3rd March 2016, normally £3.99 (€4.49)

Special Offers (3DS)

  • Bloo Kid 2, Winterworks – £1.69 (€1.99) until 17th March 2016, normally £3.49 (€3.99)
  • Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, ATLUS – £7.40 (€9.99) until 10th March 2016, normally £24.99 (€29.99)
  • Crazy Construction, Joindots – £3.99 (€5.59) until 10th March 2016, normally £4.99 (€6.99)
  • Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!, Shin’en Multimedia – £1.85 (€2.24) until 17th March 2016, normally £2.50 (€2.99)
  • Funfair Party Games, Joindots – £3.69 (€4.99) until 10th March 2016, normally £4.99 (€6.99)
  • Jewel Match 3, Joindots – £3.99 (€4.99) until 10th March 2016, normally £4.99 (€6.99)
  • KAMI, CIRCLE Entertainment – £1.59 (€1.99) until 10th March 2016, normally £2.39 (€2.99)
  • Pazuru, Joindots – £2.99 (€4.49) until 10th March 2016, normally £3.99 (€5.99)
  • Undead Bowling, Joindots – £3.99 (€5.59) until 10th March 2016, normally £4.99 (€6.99)
  • Witch & Hero, CIRCLE Entertainment – £1.59 (€1.99) until 10th March 2016, normally £3.19 (€3.99)

Virtual Console (Wii U)

  • Pokémon Ranger (Nintendo DS), Nintendo – £8.99 (€9.99)

Pokémon Ranger is a type of Pokémon game made especially for Nintendo DS. Instead of playing a Pokémon Trainer you play a Ranger, responsible for protecting Pokémon in the wild. Capturing Pokémon is also handled in a whole different way; using a Capture Styler you must catch Pokémon by quickly drawing circles around them with your stylus. Play as a male or female Ranger, preserving nature and protecting Pokémon in the Fiore region. Use each Pokémon’s special abilities to clear obstacles and to help capture other Pokémon. Capture and interact with more than 200 of your favourite Pokémon, and fill up your Capture Browser.

Wii U Download Demo

  • SDK Spriter, Hullbreach Studios – Free

SDK Spriter is an all-in-one studio for creating retro video game assets, including character sprite sheets, tile sets, maps, and full levels. The final assets can be exported to Miiverse or Sprite sheets are comprised of 64×64 pixel art characters that have eight frames of animation for each compass direction. The resulting sprite sheet is a PNG image.Tiles sets are comprised of 64×64 tile pixel art that is assembled into a 16×16 grid. The resulting tile set is a PNG image.Maps are 256×256 grids of tiles that reference an existing tile set. Levels are a combination of layered maps, a player sprite, and multiple non-player sprites. Levels come in three forms: Overworld, Platformer, and Terrain. Each level can be entered on Edit Mode or Play Mode. In Edit Mode, the player sets up the placement of layers and locations of sprites. In Play Mode, the levels follow standard mechanisms for physics and collision-detection.

Wii U Download Software

  • 6180 the moon, Turtle Cream – £3.59 (€3.99)

Let’s super high jump through the screens! 6180 the moon is a platformer game with a unique mechanic. It offers a fresh, unseen game play style by connecting TV and Wii U GamePad. This allows in a mechanic with delightfully long jumps and no fear of “slipping”. In addition to the unique gameplay, 6180 the moon delivers a unique storyline. The Sun has gone. The Moon sets off on a journey to find the Sun. Along the journey will be hazardous courses and deep realizations.

  • Defense Dome, Hullbreach Studios – £2.29 (€2.99)

Defense Dome is a throwback to classic arcade-style shooters of the 1990s. Target an onslaught of enemy missiles by using the Wii U GamePad as a zoomable, gyroscope-controlled scope, and launch countermeasures to defend your nation. The TV screen provides the entire view of the horizon and all enemy missiles in the playfield. It also displays a moving rectangle, which represents what the Wii U GamePad currently shows. The Wii U GamePad screen shows the current field-of-view of the Defense Dome. This screen also contains a crosshair and a heads-up display.

  • Inside My Radio, Seaven Studio – £12.99 (€14.99)

Can you beat the beat? Journey as a green LED mysteriously trapped inside a dying boombox and play the ultimate musical experience. In this rhythmic platform adventure where your every action needs to be right on the beat, bring electro, dub and disco music back to life! Rhythmic awareness is vital when you jump, dash or slam. You have to hit that beat! Never under any circumstances should you play on mute! Feel creative, play with the music and unleash your inner musician! Inside My Radio lets you compose the track: YOU are in control, either with your actions, movements or jam zone, where you can freely choose and mix the tracks the way you want. The game is a mix-tape where every level is a different track: every level brings different variations to electro, disco or dub!

  • REPLAY: VHS is not dead, Neko Entertainment – £7.49 (€9.99)

REPLAY: VHS is not dead is a platform game in which you control time in a brand new way. Control up to 5 different characters and synchronize their actions to complete each level.Take on the role of film director and travel through several humorous movies in REPLAY : VHS is not dead. Each level is full of surprises and will have you racking your brains. Are you ready? Then… Silence on the set… Camera… Action. In REPLAY : VHS is not dead, you cannot lose. Don’t like a scene? Cut! Take two!

  • SMART Adventures Mission Math: Sabotage at the Space Station, Engine Software – £2.69 (€2.99)

S.M.A.R.T. – the Science Math and Radical Technology Agency – needs your help! The space station has been sabotaged, and the astronauts are desperately trying to keep things working. They need you to use your math skills to repair the science labs and discover who sabotaged the space station. Everyone’s a suspect. Can you save the space station and solve the mystery? We’ve got problems to solve. Let’s go!

Virtual Console (3DS)

  • Pokémon Blue Version (Game Boy), Nintendo – £8.99 (€9.99)
  • Pokémon Red Version (Game Boy), Nintendo – £8.99 (€9.99)
  • Pokémon Yellow Version (Game Boy), Nintendo – £8.99 (€9.99)

You’ve got to be the very best, like no one ever was – and the only way to do that is by catching all the Pokémon you can! Your quest to catch ’em all and complete your Pokédex will take you all over the world, and maybe one day you’ll even be able to defeat all the Gym Leaders and collect their badges!

3DS Add-On Content

  • Bravely Second: End Layer: SP Drink, Nintendo – $0.50 (€0.50) for the first purchase, normally £0.89 (€0.99)Mega Man Legacy Collection, Capcom – £11.99 (€14.99)
  • Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight:Wanted: Blessed Clover, NIS America – £1.79 (€1.99)
  • Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight: The Eldritch Hound, NIS America – £1.79 (€1.99)
  • Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight: Thunder Queen’s Legacy, NIS America – Free until 3rd March 2016, normally £1.79 (€1.99)

3DS Download Software

  • Bravely Second: End Layer, Nintendo – £39.99 (€44.99), or £35.99 (€40.49) until 10th March 2016 for users who downloaded Bravely Second: End Layer Demo – The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers with the same Nintendo Network ID.

Prepare yourself for a daring new adventure and unleash masterful battle strategies in Bravely Second: End Layer, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. Building on the critically acclaimed Bravely Default, the sequel offers both newcomers and returning fans a vast role-playing adventure, filled with deeply tactical combat, unforgettable characters and much more. When the evil Kaiser Oblivion abducts Agnès Oblige, the heroine of Bravely Default, and her bodyguard Yew Geneolgia pledges to rescue her from the kaiser’s Skyhold, an impregnable fortress floating high over Eternia. Along the way, Yew will need to team up with Magnolia Arch and other new faces, plus a few returning heroes like Edea Lee and Tiz Arrior, to survive foreboding dungeons and conquer fearsome enemies.

Bonus for purchase from Nintendo eShop: Download code for the exclusive Promotional Set 2 costumes (Vestal Garb, Knight’s Tunic, Minstrel’s Garb, Onion Knight Garb) for Bravely Second: End Layer for Nintendo 3DS included!

  • Excave III : Tower of Destiny, Bergsala Lightweight – £7.19 (€7.99)

Excave III : The Tower of Destiny is a classic Japanese style dungeon crawler with the heroine Scarlett taking on huge hordes of enemies in a climb up through the Fantasy Tower. The Fantasy Tower is connected to Internet Rankings so you can compete with players from around the country. Auto generated maps await so you can enjoy a different experience each time. If Exave II – Wizard of the Underworld save data is found then special unlocks will occur!

  • Mega Man Legacy Collection, Capcom – £11.99 (€14.99)

Mega Man Legacy Collection is a celebration of 8-bit history. Featuring faithful reproductions of the series’ origins with the original six Mega Man games, the Legacy Collection will remind long-time fans and introduce newcomers to what made Mega Man such a popular and iconic character. Mega Man Legacy Collection will feature all six games and much more. In addition to the six Mega Man games, Mega Man Legacy Collection features new ways to experience the classic games with the Museum Mode and new Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode remixes gameplay segments from all six games, with plenty of scaling difficulty objectives for experienced players to conquer yet serving as a good starting point for new players, too. Museum Mode contains a comprehensive collection of history, high-res art and original concept pieces – a mega treat for any fan of Mega Man and video game history.

  • Sadame, Rising Star Games – £12.99 (€14.99)

Get ready to plunge into an exciting world of brave heroes, huge demons and frantic combat in SADAME, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems! Set in an alternate fantasy version of the historical Warring States period of Japan, Sadame mixes action-packed fighting with deep RPG elements. 100 years have passed since the Onin War and the world is in turmoil. Once peaceful lands now see demons appearing everywhere, destroying everything in their wake. As people cower in fear, four heroes rise to destroy the invaders and bring peace back to the land. Choose your hero and fight your way through countless monsters, battling huge bosses to erase the demon scourge. Collect new weapons, learn new skills, upgrade your abilities and use magic to save the world from ultimate destruction at the hands of the evil Nobunaga!

  • Toy Defence, CIRCLE Entertainment – £3.19 (€3.99)

Test your courage and skills as a military leader at the height of World War I in Toy Defense, an exciting Tower Defense game! Don’t let enemies get to your base! Help toy soldiers survive through attacks, protect your base from enemy airplanes, tanks, airships and overcome unexpected traps. Earn stars, strengthen your towers, improve soldiers and buy upgrades. Victory is in your hands! Use your full arsenal of weapons and tactical tricks to stay in the fight. Eliminate your foes, defend your base and live the life of a true soldier. Lead your army to victory by any means possible! Toy soldiers but real war!

3DS HOME Menu Theme

  • Mega Man “Stage Select!”, Capcom – £1.79 (€1.99)
  • Mega Man vs Dr. Wily!, Capcom – £1.79 (€1.99)
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