Nintendo eShop Update: 15th September 2016 (Europe)


Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Metroid Prime Hunters on Wii U Virtual Console service lead this week’s Nintendo eShop update in Europe.

Permanent Price Drop (Wii U)

  • Puzzle Monkeys, Log Games – £1.49 (€1.49), previously £2.99 (€2.99)
  • Special Offers (Wii U)

  • Citizens of Earth, Atlus – £4 (€4.99) until 29th September 2016, normally £9.99 (€11.99)
  • Futuridium EP Deluxe, MixedBag – £5.99 (€7.99) until 22nd September 2016, normally £7.99 (€9.99)
  • The Quiet Collection, Nostatic Software – £1.79 (€2.69) until 22nd September 2016, normally £2.99 (€4.49)
  • Steel Lords, nuGAME – £6 (€7.50) until 12th October 2016, normally £10.99 (€14.99)
  • Master Reboot, Wales Interactive – £3.99 (€4.59) until 13th October 2016, normally £9.99 (€11.99)
  • Tachyon Project, Eclipse Games – £4.49 (€4.99) until 22nd September 2016, normally £8.99 (€9.99)
  • Special Offers (3DS)

  • Alphadia, KEMCO – £4.49 (€4.99) until 29th September 2016, normally £8.99 (€9.99)
  • Chronus Arc, KEMCO – £4.49 (€4.99) until 29th September 2016, normally £8.99 (€9.99)
  • Citizens of Earth, Atlus – £4 (€4.99) until 29th September 2016, normally £9.99 (€11.99)
  • Conveni Dream, CIRCLE Entertainment – £3.59 (€3.99) until 6th October 2016, normally £4.50 (€5)
  • Dress To Play: Cute Witches!, EnjoyUp Games – £1.79 (€1.99) until 6th October 2016, normally £3.59 (€3.99)
  • Dress To Play: Magic Bubbles!, EnjoyUp Games – £1.79 (€1.99) until 6th October 2016, normally £3.59 (€3.99)
  • Johnny’s Payday Panic, Office Create – £1.49 (€1.99) until 29th September 2016, normally £2.99 (€3.99)
  • Puzzle Labyrinth, CIRCLE Entertainment – £3.39 (€3.99) until 6th October 2016, normally £4.29 (€5)
  • Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, Marvelous Europe – £14.99 (€17.99) until 29th September 2016, normally £24.99 (€29.99)
  • Virtual Console (Wii U)

  • Metroid Prime Hunters (Nintendo DS), Nintendo – £8.99 (€9.99)
  • It’s the battle of the bounty hunters! Join Samus Aran as she goes up against six deadly rivals in a race to claim ancient artefacts that could spell doom for the galaxy. When a strange telepathic message summons Samus to a distant region of space where an ancient civilisation once reigned, a search for the secret of ultimate power begins. Problem is, Samus isn’t the only bounty hunter to have heard the call. Six others – the universe’s most ruthless killers – are trying to claim the power for their own purposes.

    Wii U Download Demo

  • Just Dance 2017, Ubisoft – Free
  • Try Just Dance 2017 for free now! Dance your heart out to the worldwide hit “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. Just Dance 2017 is more fun & easier to play than ever! No camera needed, simply download the free Just Dance Controller App to your smartphone and you are ready to dance! Just Dance 2017 is coming this October with over 40 tracks at launch, and over 200 songs available via Just Dance Unlimited!

    Wii U Download Software

  • Aenigma Os, Akies Games – £4.99 (€6.49)
  • Looking for a puzzle game all about skill, rather than luck? Innovative gap-based matching, and refills controlled by you, the player, add layers of depth beyond anything else out there. Plan ahead, move key pieces to where you need them, and go up against hundreds of levels, puzzles and varied modes. Oh and MULTIPLAYER to boot!

  • Brick Breaker, Sanuk Games – £4.49 (€4.99)
  • Brick Breaker, the classic arcade game, is back with a breathtaking new version. Its explosive gameplay – unique and timeless – is filled with surprises. Sharpen your reflexes and precision to overcome the hundred different levels that await you. Collect bonuses, avoid traps and shoot your way to victory. Play alone or with up to 4 players on a split screen. Brick Breaker will offer you many hours of fun and entertainment!

  • Gear Gauntlet, Crystalline Green – £7.99 (€9.99)
  • No heroes needed. No Villains to defeat. No world to save. Just survive. Gear Gauntlet is a fun but rage inducing 2D action arcade game from Drop Dead Interactive. Test your patience through ever more punishing gauntlets while boosting, teleporting, reversing and rotating to survive. Use your reflexes to break through coloured barriers and earn your place on the leaderboard. Beautiful hand drawn art and a wonderful soundtrack accompany your descent into fury, but do try to keep calm! Can you survive the Gear Gauntlet?

  • Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing, EnjoyUp Games – £4.45 (€4.95) until 22nd September 2016, normally £7.19 (€7.99)
  • Get ready for some speed with your family and friends! Rock ‘N Racing Grand Prix gives you the fastest, most exciting races. You can evolve your car, improving the engine, brakes, tires and more until you’ve achieved the perfect evolution to win the Championship!

  • MikroGame: Rotator, Studio de la Torre – £1.89 (€1.99)
  • Are you good at platform games? Because in MikroGame: Rotator awaits you a new arcade-style challenge! Build up combos by pressing the correct button combination but don’t forget to look for the next Platform or you will face a Game Over! A trained eye–hand coordination and concentration will be your key to success.

  • Shooty Space, RCMADIAX – £2.69 (€2.99)
  • Time to save the galaxy from the evil Machine Corp. In Shooty Space, blast your way through a fields of enemies and bosses to achieve a high score. Experience the endless fun Off-TV on the Wii U GamePad controller or on the TV in glorious 1080p HD! Instant restart allows you to get back into the game quicker than ever!

    New 3DS Download Software

  • Futuridium EP Deluxe, MixedBag – £5.99 (€7.99) until 22nd September 2016, normally £7.99 (€9.99) or free if you own the Wii U version
  • Futuridium EP Deluxe is a psychedelic retro inspired shoot’em up with a modern twist, that blends together frantic action, puzzle elements, a vibrant low poly aesthetic and an heart pumping electronic soundtrack. As a lone starship pilot lost in a dimensional loop just before a big space battle, with a limited and constantly depleting energy tank, your only hope is to fly as fast as possible over enormous space dreadnoughts, destroying their defences and the cyan power cubes to get some energy back.

    3DS Download Software

  • Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past, Nintendo – £34.99 (€39.99)
  • Travel to the past to save the present as you restore forgotten lands and battle an unknown evil in this classic DRAGON QUEST adventure – completely reimagined from the ground up for the Nintendo 3DS system. Customise your party from more than 30 vocations and level up in turn-based battles to learn new spells and abilities in this timeless quest!

    Bonus for purchasing from Nintendo eShop until 31st March 2017: free download code for the theme “Dragon Quest VII Bonus Theme.”

  • Splat The Difference, Lightwood Games – £4.50 (€5)
  • Splat! This spot the difference game is extra messy! When you find a difference, splat it with paint! Play solo or battle it out with friends! Up to four can play with just one copy of the game using Download Play. With hundreds of pictures and differences that change each time you play, the puzzles never repeat.

    3DS Add-On Content

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice, Capcom – £3.59 (€3.99)
  • Bonus for clicking on “Go to the Theme Shop” button in the AOC. Free download code for the theme “Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney.”

    3DS HOME Menu Themes

  • Yo-kai Watch Komasan, Nintendo – £1.79 (€1.99)
  • This cute guardian Yo-kai shouts in surprise when you open software, and moves his eyes when you scroll the Touch Screen!

  • Yo-kai Watch Robonyan, Nintendo – £1.79 (€1.99)
  • Open software to hear Robonyan shout. Other cool sounds and animations are included, fitting for a Yo-kai from the future!

  • Yo-kai Watch Komajiro, Nintendo – £1.79 (€1.99)
  • Komasan’s younger brother speaks when you open software or exit Sleep Mode, and moves his eyes when you scroll the Touch Screen!

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