Nintendo eShop Update: 15th November 2018 (North America)

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This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new add-on content, demos and games for Nintendo Switch – as well as plentiful discounts across all platforms.

Nintendo eShop Sales
Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

Nintendo Switch Demos

  • Art of Balance, Shin’en Multimedia – Free
    Art of Balance, one of the all-time best physics-puzzlers (88% on has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch. Puzzle games must be addictive. That’s why we designed 200 levels to not only challenge your skills but also your imagination. With its tight controls, Art of Balance is easy to pick up and hard to put away.
  • Just Dance 2019, Ubisoft – Free
    Dance to your own beat with Just Dance 2019, the ultimate dance game featuring 40 hot tracks from chart-topping hits to family favorites, including “Havana” by Camila Cabello, “Bang Bang Bang” by BIGBANG, “No Tears Left To Cry” by Ariana Grande, and many more! With a one-month trial of Just Dance Unlimited included, dance to more than 400 songs!
  • UNO for Nintendo Switch, Ubisoft – Free
    UNO, the beloved card game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch system with exciting new features. Players can now race against friends to see who can empty their hand first in Classic Play, or you can customize your experience with a variety of unique and exciting House Rules. For even more fun, the new Emote system allows players to share the joy of victory – or the agony of defeat.
  • Word Sudoku by POWGI, Lightwood Games – Free
    It’s Sudoku with words! Place letters in the grid according to normal Sudoku rules and one row or column will spell the word. Of course, you can switch back to number mode if you prefer. Word Sudoku by POWGI includes 240 unique and beautifully symmetrical Word Sudoku puzzles, graded for difficulty from beginner to expert.

Nintendo Switch Games

  • ACA NEOGEO Thrash Rally, Hamster Corporation – $7.99
    Thrash Rally is an original racing game released by SNK in 1991. Two game modes “World Rally Championship Mode” and “Rally Mode” have been featured. Travel through cities and the countryside as you make your way through the various courses.
  • Arcade Archives Urban Champion, Hamster Corporation – $7.99
    Urban Champion is a beat ’em up fighting game, first released by Nintendo in 1984. True to its namesake, fighting men duke it out, fist to fist, for the title of “Urban Champion”! Go into battle with light and heavy punches, as well as dodging and other defensive maneuvers. Take on a 2 player battle, and try to read your opponents’ moves to become the victor!
  • Circle of Sumo, Belka – $9.99 (available Friday 16th November)
    Have fun with your friends with the great award-winning Circle of Sumo. It is simple and compelling at the same time, with a lot of different challenges. It’s pure fun! Take control of 8 different sumo wrestlers and challenge your friends on daring fights and sport based extra-games.
  • Croc’s World, Sprakelsoft – $4.99
    Croc´s World is a really nice jump’n’run with 60 incredible levels and many challenging enemies!
  • Desktop Soccer, SAT-BOX – $7.11 (available Wednesday 21st November)
    The desk is your field! Lace up your shoes for a simple yet challenging soccer game. Share the Joy-Con controller with up to 4 people for a soccer free-for-all. Make your own original team by adjusting formations and positions. Aim to win the tournament!
  • Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Heavy Barrel, FTE Games – $7.99
    Fight through the enemy’s army and collect pieces for a secret weapon to destroy their underground artillery base.
  • M.A.C.E. Space Shooter, EntwicklerX – $4.99
    M.A.C.E. is a classic 2D space shooter game. The player navigates a spaceship across three different worlds with 6 vertical scrolling levels and various enemies, trying to destroy or avoid them.
  • Mahjong, Bigben Interactive – $9.99
    Play a Zen game! Rediscover the famous traditional Chinese game. Find all the matching pairs of tiles, being careful not to become blocked in, to get to the end of each level. Concentration and perceptiveness are needed to finish the gorgeous boards that we have produced for you.
  • Mars: Chaos Menace, BadLand Games – $9.99 (available Friday 16th November)
    We are in the Terraforming age after saving our homeworld, Earth, which was collapsed by radioactive contamination and the depletion of resources. Now, humans are successfully colonizing nearby planets, using technology to adapt these inhospitable and hostile places. For the first time in our existence we feel in harmony with everything.
  • Mimpi Dreams, Dreadlocks – $9.99
    Mimpi is a lazy doggy who becomes the “Superdog” in his dreams. Help him to save his friends by manipulating the environment of 7 original illustrated worlds in this charming mix of adventure, puzzle, and platformer.
  • Mother Russia Bleeds, Devolver Digital – $14.99
    Mother Russia Bleeds is an ultra-violent co-op brawler overflowing with an unmistakable style and unforgettably brutal action for up to four players at once. Set in an alternate U.S.S.R, the story centers on a desperate crew of imprisoned street fighters that must overcome an oppressive criminal authority and forced drug addictions through any means necessary. Battle solo or alongside friends in an exceptional story mode campaign or harden your resolve in the savage Survival Mode.
  • Moto Racer 4, Microïds – $34.99 (available Tuesday 20th November)
    Moto Racer 4 is racing game you can play on asphalt or dirt. In a world where freestyle and risk-taking dominate, impose your riding style all around the world. Impress your opponents and win races with class. Master drifting, wheelies, sharp turns and other techniques to earn a place on the podium!
  • Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, Nintendo – $59.99 (available Friday 16th November)
  • Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Nintendo – $59.99 (available Friday 16th November)
    Take your Pokémon journey to the Kanto region with your partner, Pikachu or Eevee! Become the best Pokémon Trainer as you battle other Trainers, Gym Leaders and the sinister Team Rocket. Catch Pokémon in the wild using a gentle throwing motion with either one Joy-Con controller or Poké Ball Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate and make sounds to bring your adventure to life. You can also use button controls in Handheld Mode. Share your adventure with family or friends using a second Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus. You can even connect to the Pokémon GO app using a compatible smartphone to bring over Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region!
  • ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS, Radial Games – $4.99
    ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is a game where you fly ROCKETS that rocket ROCKETS at other ROCKETS! The ultimate rush of arcade arena action, with the fluidity and amazing feel of soaring through space.
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, 2K – $59.99 (available Friday 16th November)
    Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI for the Nintendo Switch system includes the latest game updates and improvements, as well as four pieces of additional content, which add four new civilizations, leaders and scenarios.
  • Soap Dodgem, Zsolt Fabian – $6.89
    Slide the soap squad and clear your enemies through the mazes of a bathroom. In Soap Dodgem your goal is to help your happy soap friends get back to their soap holders and clean as many mold creatures on the way as you can.
  • Solitaire Battle Royal, Making – $9.99
    Equipped with battle mode! Two-player battle mode compete for clear speed! Of course, you can play it carefully by yourself. Beginners are enjoyable too! There is also a mode that you can play easily! The tasks are 3000 questions! It is only a matter that can be cleared if it is done in the correct procedure. Collect the “collection” by clears to color the game screen! The game screen decorated with “collection” can also be used on the competition screen. Joy-Con or play with touch! Play with your favorite style!
  • Storm Boy, Level 77 – $5.99 (available Tuesday 20th November)
    Based on Colin Thiele’s 1964 children’s book of the same name, Storm Boy takes place on the beaches of South Australia near the mouth of the Murray River, where the titular protagonist rescues orphaned pelican chicks, one of whom later becomes the child’s pet and faithful companion, Mr. Percival.
  • Tinboy, Interactive Stone – $1.99
    Tinboy is a puzzle-platformer, with a high difficulty level. A brilliant scientist creates a humanoid little robot. She then tests her creation by placing it in different environments. Using a special bow, the robot must reach the exit of every environment.
  • Toast Time: Smash Up!, Force of Habit – $9.99 (available Friday 16th November)
    Fresh from the oven, Toast Time: Smash Up brings the unique toast-based recoil/reload action from cult smash hit Toast Time to the multiplayer brawler/esports genre. Inter-dimensional time-blob beasties have sailed the cosmos in pursuit of spare time, and now on an idyllic Monday morning, they’ve found it, tasted it…
  • Trailblazers, Rising Star Games – $26.99
    Get ready for high-speed thrills with an explosion of colour in Trailblazers, the first-ever second-to-second co-operative arcade racer. Paint the track as you go to dynamically change the racing line, boost on your team’s colour and outwit the opposition in a sprint for the finish. The more you paint, the faster you can go!
  • Trine Enchanted Edition, Frozenbyte – $14.99
    Trine Enchanted Edition is the origin story for the three unlikely heroes of Trine – Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief. Spellbound by the magical object Trine, the heroes must join forces to overcome obstacles and puzzles in a fully interactive physics-based world, battle the undead and their minions, and restore balance to the kingdom!
  • Valiant Hearts, Ubisoft – $19.99
    In Valiant Hearts: The Great War®, the lives of all the characters are inextricably drawn together over the course of the game. Friendship, love, sacrifice, and tragedy befall each one as they help one another retain their humanity against the horrors of war.
  • Warframe, Digital Extremes – Free
    Warframe is a cooperative, free-to-play, third-person online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Play as the Tenno, warriors of blade and gun and masters of the Warframe exo-armor. Those that survived the Old War were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.
  • YouTubers Life OMG Edition, U-Play Online – $29.99 (available Tuesday 20th November)
    Create videos, get subscribers, attend events, interact with your fans… and grow your channel. Live a true YouTuber’s life! Record your own videos from your parents’ house and get your first subscribers, views and likes. Meet well-known youtubers, go to the wildest parties, share your life on social media and deal with your haters. Sign with exclusive networks and customize your studio with the coolest stuff.

Wii U Games

  • Last Soldier, RandomSpin – $0.99
    The mission was a complete failure, you are the only survivor. You are trapped in a secret area where huge spiders inhabit. Now your goal is to stay alive.

Nintendo 3DS Games

  • Pinball Breakout 2, nuGame – $7
    Pinball Breakout is a breakout game which combines the game mechanics of a traditional breakout game and a flipper game.
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