Nintendo eShop Update: 13 July 2023 (North America)

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This week’s Nintendo eShop update for North America is in, delivering new games for Nintendo Switch as well as plenty of discounts across all platforms.

Nintendo eShop Sales

Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

List of Nintendo Switch Games Out This Week

  • Agriculture (available Wednesday 19 July)
  • Arcade Archives Pole Position
  • Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg
  • BLEED: Arcade Arena Shooter (available Tuesday 18 July)
  • Car Detailing Simulator
  • Chaos Galaxy
  • Colormitation
  • Crafting Block World: Magic Dungeons Adventure
  • Cramped Room of Death (available Wednesday 19 July)
  • Death or Treat
  • EarthX
  • EchoBlade
  • Elder Sister’s Love Training ~年上お姉さんの恋愛トレーニング~
  • Farming Simulator: Farm, Tractor, Experience Logic Games Nintendo Switch Edition
  • Fastest on the Buzzer
  • Football Cup 2023
  • Gravity Circuit
  • Illusion
  • LISA: The Definitive Edition (available Tuesday 18 July)
  • LISA: The Joyful – Definitive Edition (available Tuesday 18 July)
  • LISA: The Painful – Definitive Edition (available Tuesday 18 July)
  • Madshot (available Tuesday 18 July)
  • Mahjong Woods
  • Manic Mechanics
  • Needy Princess Nerd Club – メンヘラオタ姫サークル –
  • Paint Ball
  • Paint Bowl
  • Pinball FX
  • Race Boat Simulator: 3D Stunt Racing Driving Ship in Ocean (available Friday 14 July)
  • REMEDIUM: Sentinels (available Tuesday 18 July)
  • Rifter
  • Risky Woods: QUByte Classics
  • Robot VS
  • Sacred Zodongga Defense
  • Side View Golf
  • Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde (available Wednesday 19 July)
  • Strike Team Gladius
  • Subway Simulator: Underground Train Ride Station Ultimate Driving Games (available Friday 14 July)
  • Time Of War, Arkano’90
  • Toadomination
  • Touhou: New World
  • UltraGoodness (available Friday 14 July)
  • Zombie Town
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