Nintendo eShop Update: 10th September 2015 (North America)


The Wii U steals the limelight in this week’s Nintendo eShop update, with Super Mario Maker joined by Curve Digital’s The Swindle, Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut from Toxic Games and JMJ Interactive’s Star Sky.

Wii U’s Virtual Console service adds Tecmo Bowl, while other Nintendo eShop additions come in Explody Bomb and Funky Physics. The Nintendo 3DS sees a far quieter week with only SEGA’s Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX and a new Super Mario Bros.: Famicom Cartridge HOME Menu theme.

Special Offers (Wii U)

  • EnjoyUp Games: Abyss and 99Moves are on sale until 8th October 2015.
  • Frozenbyte: Trine Enchanted Edition and Trine 2: Director’s Cut are on sale until 10th October 2015.

Special Offers (3DS)

  • Joindots: Gardenscapes, 3D Mahjongg and Pazuru are on sale until 24th September 2015.
  • Toys vs Monsters: 75 percent off (reduced from $3.99 to $0.99) until 7th October 2015.

Price Reduction (3DS)

  • Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, ATLUS – now $29.99, previously $39.99

Virtual Console (Wii U)

  • Tecmo Bowl, Koei Tecmo Games – $4.99

Match your gridiron skills against the computer or another human player in this popular football game from the NES console. From the snap, control of every pass, run and tackle is in your hands. The player can select from 12 teams. Choose from two run plays and two pass plays on offense. Defense consists of trying to guess which offensive play the opponent will select and then taking control of one of the defensive players before the snap. A simple power-meter system is used for kicking field goals, extra points and punts.

Wii U Download Software

  • Explody Bomb, Alkterios Games – $1.99

In Explody Bomb you must play the role of aggressor and defender. On the television screen you must shoot down all enemies that attempt to attack you! On the Wii U GamePad you must guide your bomb between all obstacles! Quickly divert your attention between the two displays to try to rack up the highest score possible! How far can you make it before either your plane or your bomb is destroyed? Try out Explody Bomb and try to obtain the highest score!

  • Funky Physics, Petite Games – $1.99

In this simple yet challenging physics-based game your goal is to remove all the green blocks from the screen. To reach your goal you can tap on big blocks to split them into four smaller parts. On some level you can even use special blocks like explosive or power blocks. Do you have what it takes to solve all the 32 levels with three stars rating?

  • Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut, Toxic Games – $7.99

Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut is a brain-twisting first-person puzzler. Using special high-tech gloves, you manipulate the environment around you – build bridges, shift walls, open new paths – in order to journey deep into a mysterious giant cube hurtling through space towards Earth and destroy it from within before it eradicates all life on our planet!

  • Star Sky , JMJ Interactive – $4

Star Sky is not a game for everyone. It is a slow-paced game of exploring different choices. There are secrets to unlock, and for those who make it to the end, there is alot of interesting things to reflect about. It is also a peaceful experience and a game about enjoying the ambience the world around you can provide. Make the choices, watch what happens, unlock the secret.

  • Super Mario Maker, Nintendo – $59.99 (available Friday 11th September)

The Mario experience of your dreams is here and it’s bursting with creativity… including yours. Play a near-infinite number of inventive Mario courses from Nintendo and players around the world. Or even make your own levels on the Wii U GamePad controller. What was impossible in past Mario games is now impossibly fun. Let your imagination run wild.

  • The Swindle, Curve Digital – $12.49

The Swindle is a steampunk cybercrime caper about breaking into buildings, hacking their systems, stealing all their cash, and quickly running away again before the police show up. London, 1849. Scotland Yard will soon activate its breakthrough surveillance technology, “The Devil’s Basilisk”. Its surveillance capabilities will be total and your career as a master thief will be over. Steal it, before that can happen.

3DS HOME Menu Themes

  • Super Mario Bros.: Famicom Cartridge, Nintendo – TBC

3DS Download Software

  • Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, SEGA – $39.99

The best things come in small packages. Join the Miku phenomenon by expressing yourself through fun creative tools, sharing your cute customizations and experiencing some of the best music from the world’s favorite digital diva.

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