Nintendo eShop Update: 10th January 2019 (North America)

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This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new add-on content, demos and games for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS – as well as plentiful discounts across all platforms.

Nintendo eShop Sales
Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

Nintendo Switch Demos

  • Pic-a-Pix Pieces, Lightwood Games – Free
    Pic-a-Pix is a picture logic game, sometimes known as Picross, Nonogram or Hanjie, where whimsical pixel-art pictures are created by solving puzzles. In Pic-a-Pix Pieces, large pictures have been split into a number of smaller pieces. Each piece is a puzzle grid, and by solving them all you’ll form a mosaic that reveals a spectacular final image.
  • Retimed, Stray Fawn – Free
    Challenge friends and family to awesome and fast-paced arena battles. Choose between chaotic team matches and intense free-for-all fights. Dash and dodge bullet clusters in nerve-wracking slow-motion moments. Use different surroundings to outplay your opponents and enjoy the colourful world of Retimed!

Nintendo Switch Games

  • A Ch’ti Bundle, Seaven Studio – $15.99
    Get the two successful and award winning games Ethan: Meteor Hunter + Inside My Radio in this discounted bundle!
  • ACA NEOGEO Ragnagard, Hamster Corporation – $7.99
    Ragnagard is a fighting game released by SNK in 1996. Take control of unique characters based on gods and beasts of legend, and take down your enemies to gain power over Heaven. This game’s Element System allows for a variety of playing styles. Charge your Element Gauge to utilize destructive Disaster Arts and Miracle Arts!
  • ANIMUS, TROOOZE – $7.99
    ANIMUS places the gamer into the role of a solitary warrior who must fight his way through a dark and desolate world full of horrific monsters. The mythology-based hardcore action style transports the gamer into the realm of the game, and its namesake. Animus is very tactical in that it requires the learning and application of tactical skills to defeat enemies who would otherwise brutally punish any gamer expecting casual battles.
  • BQM -BlockQuest Maker-, Wonderland Kazakiri – $14.99
    Create and play! New dungeon RPG “BQM -Block Quest Maker” has come to Nintendo Switch! BQM enables you to create your very own dungeon RPG, packed with puzzles and traps. Secret doors, falling rocks, strong mobs – challenge them all and level up. What lies within the box? Unveil the secrets or… create them! But wait. Isn’t the stage design difficult? No, not with this maker! With simple controls of “construct” and “connect”, it’s easy like playing with blocks. Commands may be easy, but dungeons you create can be as canny and deadly as your imagination dictates. Just use your head and BQM’s traps and gimmicks. Be it puzzle, action or story – which dungeon will you make?
  • Brick Breaker, Bigben Interactive – $9.99
    Brick Breaker, the classic arcade game, is back with a breathtaking new version. Its explosive gameplay – unique and timeless – is filled with surprises. Sharpen your reflexes and precision to overcome the hundred different levels that await you. Collect bonuses, avoid traps and shoot your way to victory. Play alone or with up to four players on a split screen. Brick Breaker will offer you many hours of fun and entertainment!
  • Bury me, my Love, Plug In Digital – $4.99
    Bury me, my Love is a Text Messaging Adventure game about Nour, a Syrian migrant trying to find her way to Europe. Her husband Majd, who remains behind in Syria, communicates with Nour through a messaging app, advising her as best he can so that she reaches her destination safely.
  • Caveblazers, Yogscast – $14.99
    Caveblazers is an action-focused platformer roguelike set in a fantasy world. Each game is unique with procedurally generated levels to explore and a massive amount of items, weapons and equipment to discover. As you delve deeper in to the cave, you’ll discover new areas to explore, new weapons and new monsters to try them out on.
  • Clock Simulator, Kool2Play – $3.99
    One of the most original game concepts is now available on the Nintendo Switch™! Clock Simulator is a minimalistic rhythm game. It puts the player in the role of the clock itself to explore the concept of time in a whole new way and offer challenge, relaxation, or plain and simple fun. All that a clock needs to do is to advance precisely once every second. Second, after second, after second, after second … Sounds simple enough? But could YOU take over and do it? Calm down. Relax. Focus on your inner rhythm. Click once a second. Every second. You are the clock.
  • Combat Core, MABManZ – $19.99
    Combat Core is a 3D arena fighting game sporting a colorful mix of modern aesthetics and futuristic cyberpunk. Fighters from across the galaxy have gathered to compete in the Combat Core League! The fighting mechanics focus on fast-paced combat, strategic use of your environment, and weapons in the arena. Fight against challenging AI or your friends, online or offline.
  • Double Cross, Graffiti Games – $19.99
    Double Cross is an exciting action-adventure game that has players take on the role of Zahra, an agent of R.I.F.T. (Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology) whose job it is to maintain peace and order between all dimensions. A recent attack on R.I.F.T. headquarters thrusts players into a thrilling new case during which they must use their R.I.F.T.-developed gear to sling, swing, fight and investigate across distinct dimensions.
  • Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Seaven Studio – $9.99
    Your name is Ethan, a rat that got touched by meteorites giving him the power of telekinesis: freezing time and moving objects around him. Manipulate the world with endless possibilities: build the solution YOU want where nothing is scripted and levels can be solved in multiple ways. With its unique blend of precision platforming and time-stopping physics-based puzzles, you may die repeatedly and feel like a hero when you succeed.
  • Everything, David OReilly – $14.99
    Everything is an interactive simulation game where every single object in the Universe is a playable character, from atoms to animals to planets to galaxies. The player can manipulate the world in infinite ways and construct their own, while exploring the interconnected relationships between everything. Narrated by the late British philosopher Alan Watts.
  • Forever Forest, Fictive Studio – $14.99 (available Monday 14th January)
    In a world conquered by darkness, in a forest that never ends, the fate of the Wyld rests on the shoulders of a brave hero with orange fur and a magical mask. Together you will set forth on an epic journey to carry the last ray of light from the deepest south to the darkest north. You need to survive in a hostile environment, compete for food and avoid predators as you explore dense underwood, stony deserts, treacherous swamps and ancient ruins in a magnificent forest brimming with dangers, wonders and surprises.
  • Gnomes Garden 2, 8Floor Games – $4.99
    The wicked queen of the trolls has returned from banishment! Using her evil magic, she has kidnapped the princess of the gnomes and taken her to a distant kingdom. In those lands, none know of the power of the magical gardens! The gnomish people who live there have suffered long at the hands of the queen of the trolls and her subjects. The princess decides to help her brothers and sisters and return the power of the magic trees.
  • Grab Lab, Forever Entertainment – $4.99
    Grab Lab is a crazy mix of puzzle and arcade game. Complete all unique levels – from simple to extremely advanced and demanding. Save the world – fix the gravity and rules of physics. Spikes, saws, lifts, jellies, levers, launchers – it won’t be easy. Grab Lab is getting harder with every level, it’s a demanding puzzle game which also requires speed and perfect timing!
  • Hive Jump, Graphite Lab – $9.99 (available Friday 11th January)
    In the 24th century, humanity is at war with a hostile alien race. Outnumbered a million to one, mankind’s only hope of survival is the J.U.M.P. Corps. You and your friends assume the role of JUMPERS, and blast your way through subterranean alien hives in chaotic run-and-gun 2D platforming action. Up to 4 Players band together (Local Multiplayer) to kill aliens, avoid traps, collect treasures and lost relics. Win the final battle against the hive queen to save the galaxy!
  • HoPiKo, Merge Games – $9.99
    HoPiKo is an intense speed run platformer where you get to save gaming. Jump from platform to platform avoiding death, exploiting shortcuts and ripping through 100s of hand-crafted levels, each one dropped into a 5-stage mini-run designed to break your mind! Compete to be the fastest in the world with time-based scores, level pars and collectable retro consoles opening unique bonus runs.
  • Inside My Radio, Seaven Studio – $9.99
    Can you beat the beat? Inside My Radio is a rhythmic platform adventure where your every action needs to be right on the beat! Journey as a green LED mysteriously trapped inside a dying boombox and play the ultimate musical experience: bring electro, dub and disco music back to life!
  • Knock ’Em Down! Bowling, D3 Publisher – $14.99
    Genuine 3D bowling where you swing the Joy-Con Controller to bowl! Ten-pin bowling, candlepin bowling, duckpin bowling… All kinds of popular bowling styles are included in Basic Mode. Play with 4 players and 1 Joy-Con Controller. Try fun game modes like split screen, team matches, no gutters, and more. Also includes Variety Bowling where roulette decides the rules!
  • Lightseekers, Playfusion – Free
    Epic battles await: Take the role of a powerful magic hero and play the multi-award winning Trading Card Game, now on Nintendo Switch. With hundreds of cards available, each deck is unique and represents your personal play-style. Collect and trade cards to become the ultimate hero of Tantos.
  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, Dangen Entertainment – $14.99
    Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, the critically and publicly acclaimed action-platformer from Bombservice, has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch! Lead Kaho, a priestess from the village of Lun, as she seeks an audience with the Queen of Karst who can surely lift the curse from the land. Combo and dodge through a lovingly crafted pixel art world full of monsters and bosses. Carve out your path to Castle Karst as you see fit and lift the curse that threatens all life in the kingdom.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Nintendo – $59.99
    Join Mario, Luigi and pals for single-player or multiplayer fun anytime, anywhere. Take on two family-friendly side-scrolling adventures with up to three friends as you try to save the Mushroom Kingdom. The New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe game includes the New Super Mario Bros. U game and the faster, more challenging New Super Luigi U game – both of which include Nabbit and newly added Toadette, who can use the new Super Crown to transform herself into Peachette, as playable characters.
  • Onimusha: Warlords, Capcom – $19.99 (available Tuesday 15th January)
    Capcom’s riveting samurai adventure returns! This version includes the original game’s intense swordplay and dramatic revenge story, plus improved controls, widescreen display, a new soundtrack, and more. Experience this enhanced version of the best-selling action-adventure classic!
  • Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition, Maïlys Brouste – $7.99
    The HD shoot ’em up: vertical, fast and fun! Relive the pleasures of arcade shoot’em ups in plenty of Game-Modes, from 1 to 4 Players in Local Co-op. Let’s Destroy Huge Bosses and dodge thousand of bullets… It’s time to save the universe one more time!
  • Pang Adventures, DotEmu – $9.99
    Guide two brothers around the world to save humankind from an alien invasion! The Pang series is a beloved collection of arcade games from the 90s. Guide two brothers around the world to save humankind from an alien invasion! Use your skills to overcome the attack balls pouring from the skies & rescue the world from impending annihilation!
  • Planet RIX-13, Sometimes You – $4.99 (available Wednesday 16th January)
    You are the pilot of a spacecraft that is looking for and exploring worlds that are potentially suitable for life. While scanning the next target, you lost control of your ship and had to make an emergency landing. It quickly becomes clear that you are not the first person on this planet…
  • SEGA AGES Out Run, SEGA – $7.99
    The 3D driving game that launched a legacy returns on Nintendo Switch! Featuring new motion controls, newly added music tracks, and a new ranking system. Speed through the streets of SEGA AGES Out Run, the award-winning title that paved the road for the racing genre. Your favorite stages and soundtrack are back. Do you have what it takes to beat the clock?
  • Snowboarding: The Next Phase, Red Bull Media House – $9.99
    Snowboarding The Next Phase brings snowboarding to the Nintendo Switch for the very first time! Stomp tricks, play against your friends, and make the dream of becoming the greatest boarder of all time come true. Challenge your friends with split-screen multiplayer. Try to keep your high scores on top of the worldwide leaderboard in Arcade Mode, or find the best solo lines in Career Mode.
  • Stellar Interface, ImaginationOverflow – $12.99 (available Friday 11th January)
    Explore the randomly-generated galaxy to find merchants, unlock spacecrafts, collect Cartridges and checkmark your kills of the various galactic overlords. Run through the universe, discover the numerous perks/consumables and their synergistic effects. Explore the randomly-generated galaxy to find merchants, unlock spacecrafts, collect StellarNetES Cartridges, checkmark your kills of the various galactic overlords.
  • Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, Bandai Namco Entertainment – $49.99 (out Friday 11th January)
    Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the fan-favourite Tales of Vesperia game with the Definitive Edition. A power struggle begins in a civilization dependent on ancient technology and the Empire that controls it. The fates of two friends travelling separate paths intertwine in an epic adventure that threatens the existence of all. Dive into the definitive version of this game with updated HD graphics, new music tracks, exciting mini-games, bosses and a collection of unreleased costume DLC.
  • Tetraminos, Bigben Interactive – $9.99
    The classic arcade game is back in a supercharged version! For beginners or veterans, Tetraminos offers an easy-to-learn, limitless challenge. Give your brain a workout with the 50 Puzzle mode levels, survive as long as possible in Endless mode and rack up the combos and same-colour lines to climb to first place in the online ranking. Challenge your friends in local Versus mode with up to four players and sabotage their boards in wild games.

Nintendo 3DS Games

  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey, Nintendo – $TBC
    Laugh your way through a hilarious story told from three perspectives. Search the Mushroom Kingdom for a cure as Bowser, explore his innards as the Mario Bros. and discover the untold story of Bowser Jr.’s Journey. Overcome Fawful’s fury, action-packed battles, puzzling tasks and giant bosses in a classic action RPG – stuffed with new content!
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